Staying active during Winter

Winter can be difficult to find some motivation for staying active, we know all too well how amazing it can be snoozing that morning alarm for an extra 10 minute snooze in the warm cozy bed, but once you’ve hopped out of bed, put on the active wear and walked out the door, its wild how quickly the motivation can surge! 

If morning workouts aren’t your thing, winter is the perfect time to try some new sports you’ve been dying to try! From outdoor weekend bootcamps, walks along the riverside, hikes with friends (perfect for feeling at one with nature), swimming (heated pool of course!), pilates for a serious tone and zen mood!, boxing to fight off some negativity in your head or to really feel that burn and of course, our go to tennis! 

Staying active is such an amazing way to not only keep fit but its also such a great mood booster! We thrive on finding time to exercise daily, no matter if its a big workout or a short walk around the neighbourhood, your mental state will seriously thank you for it and you’ll just find yourself to be in such a positive frame of mind as we know too well this year has been a bit of a tough one!



1. Tennis
Perfect for a good run around or just to have fun! It may be a serious hobby of yours or just something enjoyable to do with friends!

2. Walking/Jogging
Organise a few hours to yourself or one of your closest friends, head to the water front or into the bushland for a moment of serious relaxation and clarity! We love walking for calming the mind!

3. Swimming
Swimming is a serious body pumper! Ideally a heated pool in winter of course! Let your worries and stress leave your body while swimming a few pool laps! You’ll feel seriously refreshed!

4. Pilates
Tone and unwind with a Pilates class! Whether you’re a beginner or have a day scheduled each week for a session, you’ll notice your activeness really bloom during your session!

5. Boxing
If you’ve got some pent up frustration or are in need of a serious mind clearer, boxing is absolutely one of our go-to activities to rid of any toxins in our brain! Get ready to work up a serious sweat!

Staying active never looked so chic in these styles!