You, Me & Burleigh

Welcome to Burleigh Heads,

Where the ocean sparkles under the yellow sun, overlooking the city skyline.
She’s a coastal girl who lives for the beach. It keeps her calm, alive & happy. She enjoys her afternoon dip in the ocean, a little picnic by the water with a good read of her favourite book. She watches over the pastel toned sunset and before she gets ready for an evening with her friends, she thinks to herself, “how lucky am i?”


Tell us a little bit about you 🙂
I am 26 years old, I love the beach, puppies, food & coffee. I an advocate for living your happiest life to the fullest!

We love that you’re from the Gold Coast, tell us some of your favourite beaches to go to?
I live in Mermaid Beach so I would say that’s my go-to however I love Burleigh beach & Currumbin beach!

What items will we currently find in your bag (what can you not live without atm?)
I love lip balm, brow gel to tame these bad boys, mini perfume & hand sanitiser 😉

Ashton you have the most incredible skin, can you tell us your secret?
Aw thank you! 💕 Drinking lots of water & having a clean diet in conjunction with cleansing & moisturising twice a day. I notice if I slack off on any of these, my skin gets clogged, breaks out or is super dehydrated!

How do you stay fit & motivated during the cooler seasons?
Wear layers so you can take them off slowly as the workout goes on & make sure you warm up to get the blood pumping! Also reward yourself with a hot coffee after you workout!

What are your current must-have trend items?
Grey sweatpants, vintage jeans, oversized jumpers, nike AF1!

What do you love most about Autumn/Winter?
The fashion, cosy nights, comfort food, lots of tea!!

What are you most excited about doing when ISO fully ends?
Doing a big friend group trip somewhere in Europe!

If you could go back in time and give your teenage self one piece of advice, what would it be?
I love teenage me, she was so carefree! I think I would go back & say don’t be such a push over & people pleaser. Be yourself & know your worth!

You’re fave quote you live by?
“You are your own destiny”


We hope you loved getting to know Ashton,

Until Next Time Beauties, ✨

Signing out – Mura xx