Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Rose & Rosehip Oil DIY Bath

Mother’s Day is JUST around the corner and now that ISO restrictions are slowly lifting, we have some time to head out and grab our beautiful mums something special to show our appreciation. They work tirelessly to make sure we are eating well, sleeping enough, not over-working or over-studying, and constantly worrying about us. They’re job never ends! So let’s take a moment to do something special for our mums and show just how much we appreciate everything they do for us!
Here’s a simple, thoughtful and affordable mother’s day gift idea we developed to give your mum a present that’s a little bit different, a bit special and creative!



1. Make her a Bath Gift Hamper with the following items:


– Dried roses (can be any dried flowers)  from $10

– Floral body oil (can be any beautiful body oil) from $19

– Bath Bomb from $20

– Bunch of fresh flowers of your choice from $15

– Bottle of her favourite wine from $19

– Beautiful Candle from $20

– Make a beautiful and relaxing playlist $0!

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2. Once she’s received the beautiful gift, when she’s not around, draw her the perfect Rose bath ready for her


Here is the steps in making the perfect bath:

Step 1. Fill up the tub
Step 2. Add the bath bomb
Step 3. Add rose buds
Step 4. Pick the fresh flowers, lightly crush in your hands to release the aroma and put into the bath
Step 5. Add body oil
Step 6. Have her wine ready
Step 7. Play music
Step 8. Light a candle



3. For the perfect final touch, you can have a bathrobe and slippers ready for her so that after she’s done, she can get comfortable straight after!

It’s a simple and easy way to treat your mum this mother’s day. It’s not about the gift but it’s more the thought and effort you went into to show her your gratitude and we think this is a beautiful and creative way to show your thanks this mother’s day! Why not give it a go?

Happy Mothers Day to all of our beautiful mums out there!
We hope your weekend is as special as you 💕


With Love, Mura xx