Dream Space – Organise and Beautify your Home

For me, i view my home as my safe place: a place where i wake up and where I come home to to feel safe and secure. I also find that, depending on where I live and how it looks, this can significantly change and affect my mood. And that’s why i hold a lot of importance on my home, what it looks like and it’s cleanliness.
Having a light, airy, fresh, open, warm and inviting home that shows your character is so important for me and I find that lighter colours tend to lift up my mood! One of my favourite things at home is when the sun shines through first thing in the morning as you wake up with all your shutters and doors open, hearing the birds sing and drinking a delicious cup of macadamia milk coffee with honey. You watch your dog soaking up the sun with you, you have a moment of mediation to think of all the things you’re grateful for and the beautiful breeze hits your hair and you think to yourself “life is good”. I want more people to have these moments, cause to me, they are really special.
So here are my home inspirations and the look we love at Mura. We’re all things coastal and white, lol a lot of it! So if you love this vibe, keep reading cause here’s some inspo for you to get the motivation to start organising and beautifying your lovely home.
small immg
1. Bedroom Inspo
We hope that one day, we can be as lucky as those who live by the beach. Imagine waking up your room balcony doors and the first thing you see is the ocean.. *sigh* we’ll just have to work a little harder to make this a reality.. soon I hope!
We’re obsessed with all things LINEN SHEETS. White is an absolute must but we do occasionally love a touch of depth like beige to break up the white or a light pink or sage for those who like a little colour!
2. Living space
It’s all about good lighting and open space for me! Open floor plan is a big YES and having as much natural light throughout the house is my absolutely favourite and MUST. We love a big open kitchen too that looks out into the open space so you can interact with your family and plus, people should be excited about what you’re cooking and what delicious cookies you’re baking next!!
3. Outdoor + Pool
Ugh, this is just an absolute essential especially if you live in the sunny Queensland. Our weather is our absolute selling point so if you don’t have a space that utilises our gorgeous weather, thats just an absolute waste!! Keep your outdoors open and a pool is a plus. White umbrellas, linen outdoor settings will keep it all tied and connected to the house.
4. Bathroom
A gorgeous white and rustic gold aesthetic is all up my alley! We are definitely all about that rustic gold and having a really beautifully white bathroom feels extra hygienic too! And good lighting is so important for your makeup routine!!!
5. Other spaces
Use small nooks for things like your study or music room or kids room! But keep them for special things but make sure your living space and bedroom is a decent size cause this is where you spend majority of your time!
6. Three Birds Renovation
These are three best friends and mums in Australia who started flipping houses as a hobby and now has become a full blown business. They are empowering, inspiring and so absolutely talented. All our home goals come from them including the images above and hope that one day we can have our dream home space created by these gorgeous ladies!
with love, Mura xx