Meet Rochelle De Snoo

You may have spotted this massive babe floating around instagram, embracing the vibrant sunny Queensland rays on the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast or dancing her way through life!

We thought it would be super cute to get to know her a bit better and keep with Mura Tradition! Rochelle De Snoo is here to answer all our questions about what makes her her, how isolation life is treating her and of course her go-to fashion trend!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m 19 yrs old and I live on the gold coast with my family. I’m a professional dancer and a model. I’m half Dutch and half British!

How long have you been modeling for?

I’ve been modeling for just over a year now and really enjoy it 🙂

What’s something people wouldn’t know about you? 

Maybe that I can walk on my hands pretty well?!

How’s iso life treating you?

Not bad actually. I’ve been getting pretty creative with painting and enjoying the down time. Plus it helps that I live on a big land in a house so I can always get away from the family if They annoy me haha!

What’s your fave outfit look? Casual with sneakers or a cute dress?
I’d say I’m pretty 50/50 and really depends on the mood!

Coffee or tea?
Definitely coffee!!

Current go-to meal?
Vietnamese spring rolls! I love it with tofu, clear noodles and lots of Veges

Fave Netflix shows/movies?
Lol I love tiger king..

How are you staying fit & healthy during ISO?
Just lots of walking and a bit of running for me!

What’s something you’ve been doing during ISO that’s worked for you?
Definitely just getting up every morning and setting up a good routine for myself! I find That so important. And also creating a daily to-do list really helps!


We hope you loved getting to know Rochelle,

Until Next Time Babes ✌🏼
Signing out – MB xx