New Year, New You. 5 Habits to make this year your best yet!

Happy New Year Mura beauties! With 2018 gone and another year upon us, we thought we would take some time to reflect on the year that was and set some goals and intentions for 2019.

Get a piece of paper & pen handy to write down your goals & intentions…

What are 3 lessons that you learned in 2018?

What are 3 things that you would like to achieve in 2019?

What do you want to focus on for your health, career & personal life?

Draw 2 columns: One with the heading ‘Want’ & one with the heading ‘Don’t Want’ & fill in under these what you do & don’t want for 2019. This activity is called the law of attraction!

How does your 2019 look & feel? Think about your relationships, family, career, travel, health etc. Take a moment to create a feeling around these aspects of you life. Would you like to feel joy, peace, happiness? Sit for a moment & envision it then write it down.

At Mura HQ we have chosen 5 aspects of our life that we want to focus on to remind ourselves of what’s truly important to us in 2019:


Mind: Journalling & meditation – This is a great way to calm a busy mind especially if you’re someone that tends to get quite stressed or anxious. It’s a way to take time out for yourself & check in with how you’re feeling. It can be tough to do at first but trust us, you will feel a lot calmer & have a healthier mind for doing this.


Body: Exercise – This is something that everyone talks about but for good reason! It is so so important, it keeps your mind & body healthy so you can function at your best!


Spirit: Getting out in nature more – When was the last time you watched the sunrise or set? Spent the day at the beach reading a book & wearing no makeup? Going for a walk in a National Park or maybe just going outside one night to look up at the stars? Our soul always feels recharged & at ease after we’ve spent time in nature with no screen time, so in 2019 we’re aiming to do more of this.


Family: Did you make enough time for your family last year? This year we want to try spending more quality time with ours & show them how truly grateful we are for them. At the top of our list is cooking more dinners for Mum & Dad! What’s on yours?


Friends: We want to try & be the best friend that we can be! It’s the little things that can make a big difference & put a smile on someones face. Send someone a message asking how they are if you haven’t seen them in a while or give your friend a bunch of flowers just because! What’s something that you could do?

If you liked doing this then we recommend doing the Lululemon Goal Setting – it’s amazing! The best thing about writing down your goals & intentions is that you can look back on them to see if you’ve achieved those things or what may have changed since writing them.

We hope this year is your best yet – full of love, laughter, happiness & adventure!

Happy new year beauties!

Love always,
The MB Team xx