What does your lipstick colour say about you?

lip-colours1You’re confident, bold & daring! You’re not afraid to be centre of attention & your friends can always count on you to get the party started! When you need to tackle a big day of work & harness your inner girl boss, you’ll be seen sporting a red lip around the office. Your signature red lip alludes to your adventurous & creative side.


You’re more of a girly girl & tend to keep things more on the casual side. But don’t judge this book by it’s cover! You’re flirty, fun & ambitious – you’re the girl next door that everyone can’t help but love! Your outfit isn’t complete without adding a touch of mascara & a pink lip. You’re the kind of girl that knows what she wants & isn’t afraid to go out & get it!


You have an air of summer about you. Your personality exudes sunshine & people are drawn to your happy-go-lucky charm & bubbliness.  You’re not afraid to rock a bright lip even on those dark wintry days. You’re experimental & your style speaks of bold, colourful prints. Nothing about you is boring or mediocre!


You’re powerful, sensitive & a deep thinker. If anyone is ever in need of advice they come to you. You have killer style but you’re not trend based, your look is always classic & chic. When you walk down the street, people notice! A lot of people may not know this about you but you’re a hopeless romantic & you’re not afraid to show this to the people who are lucky enough to gain your loyalty.

Can you relate? Tell us what your fav lip colour is!

Love MB x