Down time with Mura: Coconut Milk Bath

It’s been a long week, you’re exhausted & need some down time. It’s time to treat yourself!

We’ve got the ultimate relaxation bath for you to try at home, here’s how you can create it for yourself…


Before you get soaking – pick up some roses from your local florist – 5 stems is enough to cover your bath in beautiful petals. Now get the water running! the hotter the better in our opinion!

While the bath is filling up, it’s time to set up your room for ultimate relaxation.

Candles, candles & more candles! There’s something about them that’s so calming & beautiful. Plus they provide the perfect ambience for your down time.

Now it’s time to pick a playlist – we recommend any of the ‘Bath Time’ playlists on Spotify. There’s so many to choose from!

Pick something nice to read, maybe your favourite book or the latest Bazaar Magazine. Looking for Alaska Novel by John Green is also an amazing read if you’re looking for something new!

Let’s make it cheat day & pour yourself some wine & have a little chocolate.

To create our Coconut Milk bath we used the Pomegranate Coco Soak, Salt by Hendrix. This bath soak smells so amazing you’ll want to eat it. Resist the temptation to eat it up & pour it in.


We also added a little sprinkle of Rose Soak because it has Pink French Clay in it which makes your skin oh so soft. Salt By Hendrix has soo many amazing bath scrubs, soaks & oils, make sure you check them out! They’re one of the Mura teams fav brands.

Make sure you turn your phone on silent & don’t forget a nice plush towel to wrap yourself in afterwards.

Happy soaking!

Love MB xx