5 Ways to Style Your Knit!

It can be hard to keep warm but chic in winter… jumpers, sweaters or whatever you call them can be very same same. But not to worry! If you mix up the way you style you will be queen of the winter knit.


Wear your baggy knit off the shoulder knit with a lacey bralette to create a night time look.


Wear your jumper with a silky maxi skirt and boots to create either a cool bohemian look for day or add heels for dressier look at night.


Turtle neck knits can be sexy if you show some leg. Pair with a mini skirt or a pair of cute shorts and some knee high boots to keep your look fun and fresh.


Don’t be be afraid to play with colour – pair a bold knit with your favourite pair of denim jeans.


Still cold? Add a denim jacket over your knit to give it that extra edge…
and warmth of course.

Is there something you’re wondering how to style or wear differently? Leave a comment down below and I’ll give you my insider tips!

Until next week beauties…
Josie the MB stylist xx