Meet IG Influencer: Mishti Rahman


Someone like @mishti.rahman isn’t a girl that you can easily forget. With her gorgeous long waves and looks that could kill, it’s no wonder that this Instagram influencer is taking the world by storm! She’s a Sydney based girl with Bengali origins and the new face of Oscar Wylee. We’ve been seeing this beauty on billboards and shop fronts all over! We know that this is just the beginning of Mishti’s exciting journey and soon everyone will know the name Mishti Rahman!
Keep reading for our fun little Q&A with her…

1.  Something most people would be surprised to know about you?blog graphics2

2. Your go-to cosy hangout spot in Sydney?
blog graphics3 3. The Netflix show that you’re binging…
blog graphics9

4. Do you have a beauty routine that you swear by?
blog graphics4

5. Coffee or Chai Latte?
blog graphics5

6. What Winter trends are on your hit-list?
blog graphics6

7. Your ultimate comfort food…blog graphics7

8. You’re hosting a dinner party and you can invite three famous people, living or dead, who do you invite?blog graphics8

Until next week Mura beauties…
Love the MB Team xx