Real Girl Dominique Faludi

Introducing our fave Mura girl Dominique Faludi, if we had to describe her in 3 words it’d be… hardworking, energetic & beautiful. You might as well think of her as a bird, considering the amount of time she spends flying! Working a 6 day week is normal to her but she always make time to unwind with friends and end the day with family. She’s always up for a laugh & is a boundless ball of energy in front of the camera. You will most often find her at a local cafe in Bondi, swimming in the ocean or catch her at a Pilate’s class.

We recently sat down with Dommy and asked her a few questions…

How did you get into Modelling?
I was scouted when I was 15 at Bondi, I did a few tests here and there but I didn’t enjoy it all that much then. Once I finished school I was taking photo’s on Instagram and went travelling for a couple of months. I was posting photos and when I got back to Sydney brands and photographers were hitting me up to do test shoots and stuff. I guess after doing that for about a year it was going pretty well, I went to Bali and then Chic my mother agency hit me up on Instagram 2 years ago. Now I’ve been working ever since and am super lucky to be doing what I’m doing.

What do your days off look like?
On a typical day off I get up pretty early because my body clock is out of whack from waking up early all the time. Usually go for an ocean swim, practice yoga, see family & friends. I like to keep my day’s off for me and make time and do the things I like to do. I definitely like ending the day with my family because I don’t get to see them that much anymore. Get to bed early and enjoy me time I guess.

Where would be your next dream travel destination?
Hmm… probably the Maldives. I really just want blue water & white sand. I just want a good book with good people around me. I’m just dying to go there!

So Dommy what’s your favourite meal?
Breakfast for sure!

Where’s your favourite place to get breakfast in Sydney?
Bondi has the best cafe’s for sure! But my favourite is Lock, Stock & Barrel they have a bowl called Bowlorama. It has eggs, avocado, sprouted bread and wilted spinach. I love wholesome foods full of nutrients and I feel like it’s a really good start to the day. 

Dommy where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I think that’s such a big question and a hard one to answer but in general I would like to be happy, healthy & I’d like to be in love in 5 years.

Thank you Dommy for your time & for always making us smile. We love you!

watch the video now!

Love MB x