DIY- Easter Smash Cake

‘Tis the season for sweet treats!

Here at Mura, we love all things sweet, especially when it’s Easter time! Mura HQ is full of yummy chocolate eggs and warm hot-cross buns for our #dreamteam to indulge in. It’s always exciting at HQ, but Easter time takes the cake! Why? Uh, DIY Easter Smash Cakes – that’s why!

Yes, we bought a 1 kg egg, filled it with chocolates and lollies, decorated it and within seconds it was gone! Smashed to pieces (in the most elegant way possible, of course)!

Whether you’re spending Easter with family or friends, this will be the perfect (and best) DIY you will ever do! Best part is, you get to eat ALL of the sweets!


You will need to buy a large chocolate egg (ours was 1kg but smaller will do just the trick) plus chocolates and lollies for the inside!


STEP 1: Place a knife in boiling water and start cutting the egg in half




STEP 2: Take one half of the egg and begin to fill it with chocolate and lollies of your choice.

Hot tip: Try to fill the egg up 3/4 to all of the way full, this will mean more smash at the end!


STEP 3: Use a cutting board or plate to tip the egg over to face upwards, and decorate!

*Decorations are optional* but if you want it to look #instaworthy, place a knife in boiling water and apply to the chocolates of your choice to stick on the egg.*


STEP 4: SMASH BABY SMASH! A rolling pin works a treat to smash!


STEP 5: Eat all of the sweets until your stomach hurts! (We’re kidding don’t do that…) Oh, and don’t forget to tag us in your #eastersmash videos @muraboutique!

Happy Easter gals🐰

Love,  the MB team xx