International Women’s Day 17′


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Happy International Women’s Day to all the strong and beautiful women out there! Today we celebrate our resolve, power and love, and recognise how far we have come. We will continue to grow and lift each other up, and never forget that we are limitless and to celebrate women EVERY DAY.

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At Mura, we strongly believe in making women feel beautiful and empowered in their own skin! Asako Nakamura, our much loved director, started this business driven by her passionate belief that every girl deserves to feel happy and beautiful in the clothes that they wear and in the lifestyle that they lead. Mura began in 2011 as a small boutique on the Sunshine Coast and we have since grown into a family of over 30 incredible individuals with two stores! We have a beautiful team of photographers, graphic designers, warehouse team members, customer care officers, marketing team (the list goes on!! We love all of you!!), each of us very unique and diverse but all coming together, working side by side, to support each other and share our dreams and creativity to become one voice, one vision: to empower women and celebrate our beauty.

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The ‘Mura Lifestyle’ that I speak of, that our dreams and mission encompasses, is to inspire women to embody a lifestyle of beauty, health & wellbeing, home, food, travel, music, art, career and mindset. Love the life you lead…. ‘She turned her cants into cans and her dreams into plans.’

We wanted to reach out and celebrate our Mura customers for International Women’s Day by asking them to share with us a time when they felt beautiful, confident and empowered. These are some of their inspirational experiences….


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At Mura HQ, we also wanted to share with each other about a time that we felt empowered, confident or beautiful, here are some our stories….

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Thank you so much to all the incredible Mura team and women who shared their motivational experiences for International Women’s Day! You’re all an inspiration!

I couldn’t be more proud to call myself a woman and celebrate who we are. Let’s continue to keep on dreaming, inspiring and creating! I am also so extremely proud of the incredibly strong women that I am surrounded by and look up to. May we all know them and be them. Today, tomorrow, always.

P.s Just a little side-note while we’re on the topic of inspirational women, congratulations to Georgia Gibbs and her BFF, Kate Was on the beginning of their incredible project ‘Any Body’, which celebrates women of all sizes, shapes and beauty. Check out the Instagram page @any.body_co. We had a feeling there was something special in the works from this incredible lady when we sat and had a chat with her for our ‘Successful Individuals’ blog. Check it out!

Love and Luck