Successful Individuals: An interview with Georgia Gibbs and Michaela Wain

I was lucky enough to sit down and chat all things study, work, and mindset with our two favourite Mura Girls, Michaela and Georgia. At Mura HQ we are a little bit in love with these two beautiful ladies because of their dedication to pursue their passions and goals, and their amazing outlook on life….They are truly an inspiration to young women!! Since it’s that time of the year where you are saying farewell to a long hot Summer break, and ushering in a new year of study or focusing on your career, we couldn’t think of two better girls to ask study and career advice from than these two beauties.


Georgia, tell me about your studies at university?
My degree is a four year double degree of journalism and business. I have one year left of my studies, which is super exciting! I have done a combination of full time and online studying for my degree.

Georgia: What are your study tips and tricks for girls either going back to university or starting for the first time?
I put post it notes everywhere!! Big and bright ones too. I’m honestly not exaggerating when I say literally everywhere!! *Giggles* Repetition is also my best friend! Just going over something again and again for an hour.

Georgia: What keeps you motivated?
I have a combination of things that I use to keep myself motivated! I make sure that I take lots of breaks and make sure I take ‘me’ time between my studying. I think it’s really important to set small goals and tick them off when you achieve them. If you make really big goals that seem hard to achieve you might get disheartened. The feeling of success when you have achieved and ticked off your smaller goals is amazing!! I also love to reward myself with Skittles!! It’s a fun and delicious little treat for myself!

Georgia: What is your go to uni outfit?
Trackies and a t-shirt….Comfort is key!! “Is that bad?” She asks me with a laugh.

(No way!! Girl, we LOVE that!!! Rock your tracksuit pants!)

Georgia: Do you have any advice for girls trying to juggle their uni schedule and a social life?
Make sure you don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and that you take time out. Sometimes we let the pressures of university get the better of us!! Balancing study and social/family time is a bit of a hard one for me because my loved ones are spread out, my boyfriend is in England and my family is in Perth but I Facetime them all the time which brightens my day and puts a huge smile on my face! You need to make sure you have a happy medium. For me, talking to my family gives me a break from my study and helps me relax and get some time out.

Georgia: When you’re feeling a bit stressed from your study what do you do to take a break and get back into a calm and positive mindset?
Exercise is an amazing form of stress release and something that I always go to!! It clears my mind and makes sure that I have a clear head to dive back into my Uni work. Exercise is so imperative to a healthy mindset and lifestyle.

(We couldn’t agree more!!)

Georgia: What are your goals for the future?
I want to build my own brand! I am not too sure what that is yet but it’s something that I’m really passionate about. I want to create my own project, something that I can put my heart and soul into. I wanna be my own boss!!

(Girl power, loving it!!)

Georgia: What is your favourite affirmation that you live by?
“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” – Never doubt yourself, you can do absolutely anything that you set your mind to!!


Michaela!! I understand that you went to uni but decided to pursue full time work instead. Can you tell me a little bit about that?
I was studying a bachelor of business majoring in marketing. I found that it just wasn’t what I was looking for and I wasn’t in the right headspace to pursue that kind of study. I wanted to pursue another passion of mine, which is modeling and I am so happy that I did!

Michaela: What keeps you motivated?
I totally agree with Georgia that taking ‘me’ time is super important!! When you’re feeling like you’re losing motivation and you take the time to focus on you and what you love it helps you get back into a better mindset. I love going running, doing pilates and infrared saunas, it all helps to keep me focused. Also yummy food!!

(A girl after my own heart)

Michaela: How do you balance work and play?
I am so extremely lucky with what I do because I love my job and every single day I’m happy and laughing. A lot of the time I’m working with my friends too, so for me work is my play too!! Part of my job means that I attend a lot of social events to network myself. I just make sure that if there is something that I really want to do with my friends or there’s an important event to attend that I just make the time for it. If it’s important you will find the time.

Michaela: What are your goals for the future?
I would love to create my own label! At one point I thought about having my own swimwear range but right now I am just throwing around a few ideas and plans…. I would also love to do some kind of presenting; working on a TV show like Getaway would be an absolute dream!! I am also really passionate about doing some charity work.

(Watch this space ladies!! I know we will be!!)

Michaela: Do you have any words of advice for Mura Girls who have also decided that Uni isn’t for them and are working full time?
My best advice would be to follow your heart. There is so much pressure on us as young adults and there’s this huge expectation that we have to go to university straight out of high school. I think university is great if there is a career that you’re really passionate about that requires study but it’s not for everyone. So many leading women have amazing careers and they got there without university. For me, I wasn’t in the best mindset and I wasn’t passionate about my degree so I wanted to direct my energies and hard work into something I loved and was passionate about. There’s plenty of time to go to university, you don’t need to do it RIGHT NOW. Go travelling, discover who you are, enjoy being young, figure out exactly what it is that you want to do whether it’s a full time career or university and then pursue it! I guess what I am saying is that it’s okay not to go to university and that it isn’t necessarily the key to success.

Michaela: Do you have a favourite affirmation that you live by?
‘Treat others the way that you want to be treated.’ – It’s not really study or career related but it’s a saying that I really love. It sounds like something a mum would say but it’s something that I truly believe in and stand by.

(This is totally something that I have heard my mum say!!)

Mura Girls, we hope that you’re feeling inspired and empowered to embrace your own journeys. Never give up on your dreams! A huge thank you to Georgia and Michaela for taking the time to sit and chat with me, I wish you all the best for your bright futures!

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Love and Luck xxx