Bronzed with Bondi


Get the ultimate beach babe glow this Summer!!

It’s our favourite time of the year….Summer!! Say hello to salty days spent at the beach, lounging by the pool in your fave ‘kini with a margarita in hand, having a sun-kissed and beautiful glow, pool parties, and hanging out with your best gal pals. We have all the essentials you need to be looking your bronziest self this Summer: Our must have for always looking healthy, glowing, and radiant is Bondi Sands and what better to show off that gorgeous tan (hell yeah we want to show it off!) than our new Mura Exclusive Swimwear range, which we are super excited about!! (Shop here) Looking your best means finding what suits your style, occasion, and makes you feel beautiful…and we have done all the hard work for you!



Self-tanning Ultra Dark Foam + Mura Baywatch One Piece in Mocha:

If you want a killer tan that will have every girl in envy of that luscious glow then the Self-tanning Ultra Dark Foam is for you!! The foam has dual tanning actives that will give you a next level Australian looking tan and is perfect for girls with a darker skin tone. We recommend applying the foam with the Exfoliation Mitt to avoid any streakiness (Shop here). Rock this with the Mura Baywatch One Piece in Mocha and you will be turning heads wherever you go! Your gorgeous tan and luxe looking bikini is perfect for a weekend beach getaway or pool party.




Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk + Mura Pamela Bikini in Pink:

We love the Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk for the girl who wants to have that effortless sun-kissed, ‘Cali girl’ look every day of the year. When everyone has lost their Summer tan in the cooler months you’ll still be looking fresh and glowing….don’t worry your secret is safe with us! This baby hydrates and nourishes your skin at the same time so it’s super versatile, making sure your skin always looks fresh and flawless. It’s also infused with a cocoa butter scent, so say goodbye to that awful fake tan smell and say hello to always smelling yummy! Team your effortless, natural tan with our Mura Pamela Bikini in Pink for a flirty, fun and feminine look.



Liquid Gold Self-tanning Dry Oil + Mura Pamela Bikini in Khaki:

Perfect for the girl on the go with a busy social Summer schedule, but just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you don’t want to look fabulous at the same time! The Liquid Gold Self-tanning Dry Oil develops over 2-3 hours and the qualities in the hydrating argan oil means it lasts for up to a week and requires no wash off (you’re welcome!); so you can apply it, throw on your Mura Pamela Bikini in Khaki and run out the door to meet your girl gang for sunset beach drinks! The khaki tones in the Pamela Bikini will highlight those delicious golden tones in your skin.


Enjoy your radiant, beautiful, and glowing skin whilst looking baben in our latest swimwear range. Have fun girls!!

See our full Summer range here.

Love and Luck xx