20 questions with Shannon

They say the quietest people shine the brightest, and that is definitely true for our beautiful new face Shannon! This golden Goldy girl is true to her surroundings, and spends her days bathing by the beach and nights under the moon light… And who wouldn’t with a beach bod that good!


Fall in love with our effortless boho babe with our 20 questions here!

1. What should every woman try in her life?


2. What makes you the happiest version of yourself?


3. What quote do you live by?


4. Who are you loving on Insta?


5. Blogs or novels, and what is your fave?


6. What’s next on your bucket list?


7. What is your go to outfit?


8. Whose your biggest girl crush?


9. What about boy crush?

blog3_02 10. What is your worst habit?blog3_05

11. What is a something not many people know about you?


12. What do your friends love most about you?

blog3_0913. Where do you like to go out in Sydney?blog4_02

14. As such a healthy and radiating woman, do you have any health tips?

15. What is your greatest indulgence?


16. What’s your favourite trend ATM?


17. Snapchat or Insta?


18. What’s your current workout regime?


19. Do you have any beauty tips?

blog5_0120. What’s one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?blog5_02

Isn’t she sweet?! See all our New Arrivals featuring Shannon here!

Love & luck beauties x x x

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