5 Ways to ace it at Uni

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We know you’re back at it – the swing of uni is in full force and staying on top of things is never as easy as buying the pretty stationary that colour matches your dreams. So to keep you feeling fit, healthy and in control of your workload, we thought to share with you 5 tips that will make you ace it at uni all semester long!
Besides, what else are friends for?

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Even though it may seem time consuming, working out and releasing those endorphins will save you so much time in the long run! Once your body is released from stresses and any built up anxiety, you are capable of achieving so much more! And you don’t have to make it a painful task – do something that you love! Try some of the our favourites …

Join a new dance studio!

Meet your friends on the beach for some afternoon yoga!

Barre pilates – it’s the new form of exercise you need to try!

ZUMBA – You haven’t had fun while working out until you’ve dropped it low to J-Low!

3pm workout! Much like Mura HQ, 3pm workout prevents the afternoon-itis and keeps us energised for the last leg of the day!

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Make sure that during your Uni days you fill your body with the nutrients it needs!  Some of our fave suggestions are…

Nuts – Nuts are naturally low in sodium, high in potassium and hold plenty of carbohydrates that take the form of natural sugars… a total must-have snack to keep in your pockets.

Berry Muesli – Muesli is a great breakfast option because of the high level fibre in the whole grains, nuts and seeds!

Avocado – Avo’s are a natural source of fat, and are great because they’ll curb your pecking habits and fill you up for hours on end!

Salmon – Salmon is an amazing brain food for while you’re studying because its full of omega 3! How about that food for thought?

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It’s so true when they say that an organised home is an organised mind! I don’t even need to tell you the importance of staying organised at uni, so instead we’ve set out our favourite (and admittedly slightly OCD) organisational tips!

Write it down! Get yourself a diary and make sure you note all things from social events and pressing work! Be sure to only have one diary to stay ontop of everything.

Sync your networks! Make sure you have updated all your technology and spend sometime syncing your calendar to your reminders, and your email to your notifications. This will save you so much time in the long run.

Outfit plan! Let’s admit it, choosing an outfit for each day can sometimes be the difference of making it to class on time or embarrassingly walking in 10 minutes late. If you set aside 10 minutes every night you can plan the perfect outfit before bed and you can hopefully sleep a bit easier!

Tidy your study area! Compartmentalising is a word and habit you should definitely get in the routine of! In the same regard, for those who keep everything digital make sure you keep your folders and files clean and simple! (And don’t forget to backup)!

Plan your study times! Amid all your business, its easy to forget to leave time for actual studying! So to stay organised we think it’s best to leave 2 hours every day to general studying and reading.

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Our new arrivals this week feature some perfect uni-appropriate looks!

From left to right we think these outfits are ideal to stay comfy and keep it casual when you’re running between lectures and class!

1.  Paige Top! Easy to throw over shorts and jeans,
2. Breaking hearts sweater! Slip on and look effortless with some tan ankle boots.
3. Lone Ranger Jacket! Help take your uni look from desk to drinks with this statement piece.
4. Marni Sweater! It’s all about the textures and heavy knits.

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Daily reminders are imperative when you’re busy around the clock! Start your morning with kind affirmations that will leave you feeling empowered and motivated! It’s a known fact that these morning reminders will put you in a better mood for the day, and when your’re happier you are so much more receptive and proactive!

And don’t forget to have fun (and sleep)!

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