YCL Jewels!

Brace yourselves ladies, your new season’s jeweling has hit the stores of Mura Boutique, and we are so excited to debut this new golden label to you!blog_07 (4)

YCL Jewels, which stand for YOUR CORE LIGHT, creates sophisticated, minimalist jewellery for the modern mindful woman!

YCL designs draw on timeless looks to create pieces that style savvy customers want to wear. On a deeper level, each piece embraces principles of sacred geometry and features crystals intentionally chosen to support the wearer in living wholeheartedly, manifesting goals or dissipating negative energy.



Each & every piece of YCL is handcrafted by jewellery designer Fabienne in her studio in Brisbane, Australia. She began making jewellery simply as a hobby nearly 10 years ago. Fabienne is completely self-taught, & has very little professional training in the art of making jewellery. She believes in creating intuitively, she also applies this same philosophy to designing new collections.

Fabienne infuses the brand with her intention & values, this is why YCL is 100% vegan & cruelty-free, & attempts to keep YCL’s carbon footprint minimal. Our mission: To create jewellery that is not just worn for aesthetic purposes, but rather to create jewellery that holds intention & meaning to the beholder.



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Love & Luck x x x