New season trends!

It’s time to start re vamping and restyling ladies; the new season is almost among us!

So just days away from the official calendar changeover, the girls here at Mura HQ thought we’d share a forecast of styles that are taking effect with our 4 must-have new season trends!

Besides, everyone knows a new season is simply a new reason to redefine your closet!

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For those in Australia, we’re entering the cooler months (take a moment for all our beach babes) and with that comes a fusion of warm tones!

This season is all about dreamy Autumnal tones – think creamy caramels, dusty pinks, burnt oranges and oozing olives! It’s the tail end of a 70’s influence, and we are just adoring it!

So say sayonara to black accessories and over patterned prints, and say hello to our favourite 4 trends of the new season!
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First and foremost the tone of the season is Earth inspired! This trend is all about brightening your closet but maintaining a simplistic yet effective look! Try recycling some old goodies and match your browns with your beige, and add a touch of pink for some complimentary contrasting! We simply love this palette trend!

Shop this look here!

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Our next favourite forecast you have to embrace is the dusty pink sensation! Remember when you were embarrassed to admit pink was your favourite colour? Well its official – pink has done a come-back better than Kourtney post-Scott breakup! (and can we just appreciate that for a moment?)
So embrace it ladies! Pink jackets, pink sweaters, pink makeup and pink accessorising! This romantic trend has us feeling flirty and feminine just at the thought of it!

Shop this look here!

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Remember how I said earlier we’re seeing the return of the 70’s trend? Well the neck sash is a prime example of that! And the best bit – it’s so affordable! Take the waist band from your playsuit, or retrace that bandana you left in your dress-up box, and get styling! It’s a simple yet oh-so effective addition that can transform any outfit from basic to so chic’ with a wrap around the neck! #love!

Shop this look here! blog_05 (6)

Lastly but most definitely not least, is our new season obsession NATURAL BEAUTY!
The time has come to revel in your freckles and your over-shiny skin, because el naturel is the beauty trend of the season! So if you’re looking to enhance that, buy yourself a highlighter and a natural eye-shadow palette. Even Kendall is doing the faux freckles!

And for hair? Let it go girlfriend! This season is for tousled locks that are unkept and all over the place! Thick, textured and natural hair is everywhere, so let down that mane!

Oh and there is one more thing!

blog_02 (3)Styling our favourite new piece of the week is our on-trend Alexa playsuit! We’ve teamed it two different ways to suit any of our Mura Babes entering the new season!

To transition between romantic & feminine too chic 70’s inspired, all you need is a change of kicks, a quick up do pony and re-use the waist band to accessories your neck sash!

Just think of all the occassions you could wear it!

Love & luck to all our season-shifting ladies!

x x x