Somerfit with Renee Somerfield!

She’s the name you read on every ‘summer bod’ article and she’s the face of the screenshot you took to motivate your workouts… It’s our number one Renee Somerfield!
And since we’re transitioning from Summer to Autumn, we thought we’d meet up with our super fit babe, and find out how she keeps her self trim & healthy all year long!
Q1: Renee we think you’re an ultra fit, gorgeous and healthy role model for girls all over the world and we also love that you’re a passionate vegan, can you tell us a little bit about your health & lifestyle regime?
Number one rule, avoid all animal products! I can’t even explain how amazing I felt after I gave up animal products, physically for myself and emotionally for my conscience and the animals.
Number two, drink plenty of water! Number three …BLOG_02
Q2: How do you think your veganism contributes to your healthy lifestyle and body?
Q3: What healthy habbits do you have? 
I always take vitamins and supplements to aid my nutrition, and I always make sure I am super hydrated. I feel like I have so much more energy when I’m hydrated.BLOG_06
Q4: What is a regular dinner meal for you?
I usually eat a soup or stir fry for dinner, but I change it up all the time. Thai inspired meals are my fave!
Q5: Can you explain your general daily diet?
BLOG_2_07Q6: How often do you work out? 
I like to do some form of exercise at least 3-4 times per week, some weeks I exercise less as my job is physically demanding since I am constantly moving my body all day. After a big day shooting I skip the exercise and opt for a relaxing evening… it’s all about balance. When I do exercise I like to mix up light cardio one day such as a brisk walk with resistance training the next. I like to do pilates or use a resistance band for this. BLOG_08
Q7: We know that you love pilates – has that helped you achieve your dream body?
The exercise routine that I have used to keep my body at its best is coming out for everybody in my Vegan Body 28 day transformation program, coming soon!
Q8: Do you enjoy any other types of working out?
I enjoy being active outdoors, I love walking my dog, beach runs on the sand dunes and swimming in the ocean.
Q9: What is some advise you would give to people looking to stay summer fit through any season?
Fill your body with nourishing whole foods, if you maintain a fully plant based diet you can eat until you’re full and never go hungry…BLOG_10
Thank you to our gorgeous Ney Ney for the health & lifestyle guidance, we’ll sure be readjusting some of our naughty habits in your inspiration!
Love & luck x x x     blog-4