5 DIY Gifts for him this V day

Get crafty for your bae this V day and make him some DIY gifts he’ll love!
Everyone knows the best presents are those that are handmade, and that’s why we’ve got 3 simple step-by-step guides for you to follow this Valentines Day!

Untitled-1_02 (1)

1. Tell him you love him in a mixtape

It may be a cliche, but this one is always a winner! Admit it – you and your boy have at least one special song between you, whether its an old classic or a new Biebs hit, it always brings out that “This is our song” moment! (Don’t worry, we think it’s cute too…)
So for all you loverbirds this DIY is perfect! Go back down memory lane and gather all your favourites into a special a mixtape, and re-craft the disk holder into a montage of all your coupley moments.
Cheesy or not, he’ll love it!

2. Soap holder!

Untitled-1_05Simple but oh so sweet (or strong!) Everyone loves a man who looks after himself, so we thought to recreate his daily hand soap into an eclectic feature especially for him!
All you’ll need is a soap dispenser, a bottle of your choice and some soap to fill. So crafty!

3. Bouquet for him! 


Who says women are the only ones who love to receive a bouquet? Make him a bundle of his favourite things (whether its his favourite spirits, some new jocks or some delicious snacks) wrap it all together in a decorative jar and red bouquet paper.

All you need is skewers, tissue paper, glue, rope and his favourite things!

And voila, after these three DIY’s you’ll be the most thoughtful, crafty and genius GF!

Untitled-1_09 Happy Valentines Day babes x x x