Australia Day with Renee Somerfield

She’s the epitome of an Australian girl next door, with her quintessential blonde hair, tan skin & green eyes, plus a smile that could melt anyone’s heart! And since Australia Day is next week, we thought we’d sit down with our one and only Renee Somerfield and find out how an Aussie girl like her will be spending her day!

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If she’s not working 7 days a week, jet setting around the globe or saving the planet with her devoted passion for veganism and animal rights, she’s enjoying the humble surroundings of her Sydney home making the most of any beach weather! So when it comes to Australian habits, Ney Ney is no stranger to coastal kickin’!

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It would definitely be spent at the beach or on our boat, surrounded by great company, good music & some icy cold drinks, there’s no better way to spend any day than salty & sandy with sun on my skin!

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Yes, why not,  it sets some cool vibes for the day : )Blog_07 (2)

Last Aussie day was spent at the stunning Hyams Beach south of Sydney, it is famous for being one of the whitest sand beaches in all of Australia


The first thing that comes to mind is how lucky I am to be an Australian, I think everyone takes for granted how lucky we are to have the freedom we have here, Oh and the amazing beaches, being Australian means access to stunning beaches , I can’t get enough of Australia’s coast lines

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A bikini… derr!

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Home, there is no place like home! When you travel for work as much as I do, you really appreciate home more than anything in the world.

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I grew up in the Sutherland Shire area, just south of Sydney, this is where I still live to this day:)

Lyn White & Elle Macpherson


Lyn White for her amazing work with Animals Australia and her strong passion for animal advocacy, she has achieved so much in the name of animals

Elle Macpherson for her success not only as an Australian model but as an all round business woman, she is an inspiration

Happy Australia Day beauties!
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