Wrap it 5 ways!

Okay ladies, its time to get creative. We’ve enlisted our favourite stylist @kirstyfleming to create 5 ways for you to wear you favourite Fireworks Bodysuit, and covered bangin’ to babein’ to wrap for any occasion!


Look 1
IMG_1329This classic look is the perfect combination of classy meets sultry. Here, Kirsty has opened the two front straps to create an extended sleeve. To do this, she has placed the inner edge in place on her shoulder, and let the other ends fall into place. At the back, Kirsty has wrapped the straps around once and tied them together at the back.
Try this look for your next night date night and you’ll leave him dying for more!

Look 2

IMG_1330While this may be the most intricate look of the bunch, this may just be the standout! Here, Kirsty has actually unclipped the fastening of the crutch and folded it into the straps to create an all over crop effect. Kirsty has pulled the crutch up to her bust to hold a structured crop in place and wrapped the straps around. She has wrapped in a diagonal fashion to create a sweetheart plunge, before twisting the straps across her neck and tying it up at the back.
If you’re heading to a low key event in town or an exotic beach party, this wrap is going to turn heads!

Look 3


The understated simplicities are often underestimated. Here Kirsty has pulled the front straps up into a small sleeve over her shoulders and left 2 straps running vertically at the back. She has wrapped the ends around her waist once and bowed it together at the back.
This look is perfect for a night out with the girls, just don’t forget the fashion tape (buy yours here) to hold it in place!

Look 4


The only difference here is the wrapping at the back. If you’re looking to mix things up a little, you can either do a simple two strap back or twist the straps together to create one braided strap, before wrapping it around the waist. Don’t forget to finish it with a bow at the back!

Look 5

This is a striking wrap for any evening occasion! Kirsty has folded the bodysuit section at the back, and wrapped the front straps over the neck in halter fashion. To finish the look Kirsty has criss-crossed the straps around the stomach. We absolutely adore this look and recommend the efforts for those looking to mix it up a bit!

You can use any of these tips of any of our other wrap dresses. To name a few, we have the Pinot Noir dress, Sweet Lover Dress, Devotions dress and Heartache dress!

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Happy wrapping ladies!

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