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So it’s that time where you need the perfect, but you find yourself scratching you brain about what to buy?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

store_6Never fear my Christmas hunting elves, we have called in our go-to stylists @alandannabelcollective to tailor our gift ware to create the ideal gift guide for any present. After all, the best way to show off style is to give it away.

Al & Annabel are a collective combo and a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to Christmas, these ladies are entirely in their element. Mix that with a bit of women-know-how’s and effortless style, Al & Annabel are the gift guide experts from heaven. So here’s what they said about this season’s styling. IMG_98462a

Read this q&a and your Christmas shopping is complete!

 How would you shop for each of the following girls?


Being a ‘girly girl’, she’s got a closet full of pink (and sunshine). Focus on beautiful pieces, with lots of colours and textures. A girly girl is never afraid of a big set of heels, a statement accessory piece and a classic hand bag never (ever) goes astray!

Shop the Girly Girl look here.


If you know she’s a beauty fiend, than you need not look any further than our beauty range. It’s likely this babe has an entire suitcase of products, so its wise to buy the products you think she’d like but not already own. You should try some light nail polishes, a luxurious new body care range or a simple and classic dress that any girl would love.

Shop the Beauty Fiend look here.

There are always some things the girl who has it all, does not have. Try a simple heel with some elegant accessories. We’ve opted for the Cluse watch and Invader eye wear for our girl of power. And because she’s likely a little picky, a simple fragrance is always a winning idea.

Shop for the Girl who has it All here.


For our festive babe, you simply cannot beat the convenience. Phone charges, selfie sticks, felt hats and some great flats are the essential gift for an adventurous spirit. Plus some bohemian jewellery and a staple pouch will make stomping in the mud all the more stylish.

Shop the Festival Goer here.


Secret Santa doesn’t have to be the treacherous task that it is, so long as you know who your buying for and keep it Christmas related! You can opt for a communal one-size-fits-all  gift with something like a trendy lapop cover or deliciously scented candle (you can seriously never go wrong), or play on the season’s colours with a bold red dress.

Shop secret santa here.

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Being the amazing stylists that you are, what are your favourite styles coming into play this Christmas season?

Annabel- We love neutral tones with a touch of fragrant aromatic colours. We’re all about fresh tones with pink colours.
Al- This season we’re focusing a lot on repurposing stuff with old pieces. So we’re incorporating a lot of things like herbs, jars, and raw materials.


What are you tip top tips when shopping for Christmas?

Annabel – It is so important to know what you’re buying. If you go into a store without a game plan you come back with awful stuff and a lot of wasted time. And if you don’t have a clear plan you get overwhelmed.
Al- Remembering of course that retail goes on sale before hand now so be prepared for a big rush! And with purchasing online, it’s still just as important to be organised.
If you’re on a tight budget, you can gift hand made hampers! Anything foodie or crafty never goes astray.
Anyone knows that thoughtful gifts are best.
How can you suggest to keep within a budget?

This comes back to repurposing and using material from home. Hang on to all your wrapping that you get earlier in the year, and re use your favourites as you gift onward.

Another great way to shop on a budget is to set up an extra email and sign up to your favourite stores’
Newsletters! This way you can see when they’re having any sales and shop smarter not harder!
And lastly a great money-saver is to use the old favourite ‘Secret Santa’ initiative with your family and friends. Don’t be shy to set a limit Set a $10 limit and shop from a charity shop.

IMG_9852  Thank you to @alandannabelcollective for their tip top tips and season styling!
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Psst! Just wait babe, there is one more thing.

A gift isn’t complete without a personal touch, and because of this we’ve created you a handwritten Christmas card, that you can download here!

Merry Christmas (1) (1) card

Happy season’s styling ladies x x x