Which Scent Are You?

Ever wondered what scent you are? Well, neither had we, but to our surprise it is a much more significant question than we had anticipated! We wanted to delve into the symoblism of each scent more, so we created a unique Mura quiz to determine which personalty type reflected our Demeter Fragrance’s best.

Take the quiz below to see what your scent says about you!
Note: This is Mura HQ tested successful!


1. Coconut – The traveling optimist.
You’re an earth wanderer and a coastal enthusiast. Learning and exploring the world around you is a full time job and to do anything else would leave you wondering what if. While you prefer to chase the sun barefoot you nonetheless take pride in your style.
So just for you, we have picked our Demeter’s Coconut; a true Hawaiian staple! Think freshly picked coconut, slightly sweet, fresh, crisp and green-not the sweetened, processed variety. Delightful and almost edible, shop it here.



2. Pistachio Ice Cream -The high school sweetheart.
Slightly nutty, slightly sweet, cool and creamy, Demeter’s Pistachio Ice Cream is one for the high school sweethearts. We know you’re a no-fuss character with a heart as big as the ocean (… a place you will likely be found). You’re incredibly family orientated and that’s why we think the Pistachio Ice Cream is for you!
Warning: Do not wear this one unless you are prepared for attention and lots of compliments. Shop Pistachio Ice Cream here.



3. Linen – The luxurious lady.
You are maternal by nature, and have incredible attention to detail. Despite this you can be a little lazy at times, but when the pressure is on you are a force to be reckoned with. You prefer to stray from dirty fingernails and manual labour and let’s be honest…  the thought of crisp clean washing makes your heart warm (just a little bit).
I know every bone in your body is aching to lather yourself in our Demeter Linen Fragrance, so go on, fill your tinging senses here.



4. Rain – Down to earth babe!
You are an easygoing down-to-earth babe. You appreciate the important things in life and take your time. Because of this, we think the Rain Fragrance is perfect for you! Demeter’s Rain is the cleanest and most delicate of all the fragrances.
Fun fact: If you’ve ever noticed the mysteriously warm and soft scent of the rain and wondered what is responsible for it, you’re not alone. What you really smell comes not from the air, but the ground! Shop Rain here.



5. Salt Air – The coastal Cruiser.
You are a no nonsense character who knows how to go with the tide when the ocean is shifting. To some you might come across as airy, but you’re values are grass root. Because of these reasons, we just know you will love the Salt Air fragrance.
Shop Demeter’s Salt Air here.



6. Espresso – The fast paced city babe!
To our movers & shakers, this one is for you.
The Espresso scent is for the fast pace, eternally driven go-getters. And even though work is at the centre-root of your life, you still know how to wind down on weekends and optimise any free time by as many lunch dates as possible. Shop Espresso here.



7. Gin & Tonic – The 9-5 lady of power.
You are the lady of the hour, and you’ve built this empire fondly. This fragrance is ideal for our social butterflies who not only enjoy drinks with the girls but they know the importance of working hard. You keep your diary filled much like the coffee cup on your desk.
Shop this zesty fragrance here.


8. First love – The bright eyed romantic.
You’re a hopeless romantic in among the big city. You see good in the bad, and still believe in the possibility of true love (Don’t give up yet babe!). In spite of this, you’re not in any rush and your keen eye for beauty will see you push through your hardest adversities.
First Love is an irresistible, unique and unusually light floral combination of lemon zest, jasmine, honeysuckle, water lotus and white rose. Shop it here lover!


9. Thunderstorm – The thrill chaser!
Just like a storm in the night, your impact is powerful. Chasing adventures is second nature to you, and often the thrills find you inadvertently. Life happens quickly around you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make your own rules, and while others might think you’re rebellious and often eccentric, you are a softy deep down.
Like poetry, Thunderstorm is subtle and difficult to define. With Thunderstorm reflecting the deep and violent nature of a summer storm, it’ll have you lusting to dance in the rain. Shop Thunderstorm fragrance here.




Check out what our girls from HQ got on the quiz!


 I feel as though if i were a drink i’d be a gin and tonic– strong and fresh but with a zesty twist. Plus, this scent makes me day dream of lounging on a desert island sipping gin and tonics, watching the ocean tide come in. Ahhh, that’s better…

jasmine My fondest memories as a young girl were the summer nights spent chasing love. I am a sucker for romance and a sweet treat never goes astray in my cupboard of goodies.

anna I work fast and I work hard. The Espresso scent reminds me of my daily grind and my drive to get things done.

sophieI prefer the simple things in life, and can be won over easily at the thought of anything sweet. You’ll find me relaxing at home with my family when I’m not on the daily grind.


hannahI grew up on a farm, so to me the smell of rain reminds me of home. My rain fragrance induces that nostalgic feeling of missing the balmy nights in the Australian summer.

lucy Much like a thunderstorm I can be very unpredictable. People always think I’m gothic or a strictly-black-dresser, but I am a complete softy on the inside.


paige My ideal holiday looks like a kilometre of beach with me planted on a hammock surounded by nothing but a coconut to keep me company.


I enjoy living life to the fullest, but am also particular about keeping beautiful things around me. I have a tendency to follow the luxuries of life and am detail driven.

nikki With coastal roots, the Salt Air fragrance epitomises everything I yearn for. I absolutely adore the smell of my hair after a day at the beach and the feeling of summer stained on my bikinis.

Happy scent seeking ladies, x x x