Acai Bowl DIY


Oh hey beach babe! Feeling peckish? Oh, we’ve got something scrumpdidyumptioas to curb that!


For those in Australia, you will know the warm summer feeling has begun to take effect. The sun is setting later, and the nights are getting balmier. And the best part of it all is the style that is shifting with it. We love the way this season allows for flowwy playsuits and a simple slip for when the sun sets to still look effortlessly striking.


Summer is about sandy toes & salty skin, and bathing under the sunshine for hours on end. Whether or not you’re inclined to spend your long days at the beach, I think we can all agree summer carries a vivacious energy that is bound to make you smile. So in light of all this pre-season talking, we thought we would put together our FAVE summer food for your DIY enjoying; the Acai Bowl!


In order to achieve best results, the freshest fruit is always preferred! But the key is finding delicious Acai. We used Amazonia Acai (which we would recommend to everyone!) You can source all of these ingredients from your local health food store.

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Wholesome, nutritious and simply delicious – this south American influenced meal is going to quench your summer thirst and leave you feeling light and bright for a day in the sun!


5 reasons to ACAI:

Antioxidants! Did you know the anthocyanin’s in antioxidants contain anti-aging properties?
Low sugar! All the sugar in Acai bowls are natural and only contain the sweet goodness of fruit!
Healthy fats! Omega fatty acids keep you revitalised and energised, while protecting your skin, hair, heart and brain development!
Fiber! Did you know Fiber encourages your digestive flow, regulates your blood sugars and lowers blood cholesterol levels!
Yum! Umm with a taste that good, do we need another reason?


Now that we’ve covered the essentials (food, duh) – we’ve put together some of our favourite summer styles for any beach day!

IMG_9172Shop the Wonderwall crop & shorts here!

Shop the Solance playsuit here!

IMG_9160Shop the Wild and Free playsuit here!

Check out our all our new summer beach styles!image 9

And if you liked the look of our nutritious DIY goodness, head to Miss Bliss for more scrumptious and healthy delights! Located in West End Brisbane – this eccentric and cosy restaurant is just perf for a Sunday brekky with bae or afternoon bliss with the girls! (Psst, they’re doing Christmas workshops too!)


Happy Summer babes, x x x