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Ladies! It is race season, and we are just adoring the styles and trends that are blossoming.

When we think of the races, we think of blush pinks, lots of colour and importantly; florals! And even though dressing for the races usually means finding a lace extravagant head piece (and let’s be honest, you never really love it anyway) we think a a stunning, long-lasting and abundant fresh-flower crown is much more fitting for the occassion. So for all our DIY crafters out there, you will LOVE this one. The process is delicate, but it is oh so worth the time. And why not make a ladies rendezvous out of it and invite the girls over for a crafty & floral afternoon DIY.

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You will need

1 pair of scissors
1 bag of stem wire (including both thick and thin wires)
2 bunches of Native fern
1 Roll of Parafilm
Flowers of your choice (we chose pink and red roses for a vibrant effect)

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Read our detailed steps below!
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Step one: Chose a thick piece of wire and cut just enough off to fit around the circumference of your head, comfortably of course. Simply wrap the ends of the wire together at the end and make a circle shape.IMG_8321Step two: Chose your fern leaves. Pull the stems off them, and remove the leaves on the bottom so there is about 5 cm clean stem.

IMG_8334Step three: Wrap the parafilm around the bottom of the stem onto the wire. When using parafilm the trick is to pull it very tightly around the stem so that the colour turns white. This is because the tape stick to the the friction of being tightly pulled. IMG_8352

This is what it should look like.

IMG_8345Step four: Then do the same for the rest of the fern. 
Step five: Pick your flowers

Step six: chose a thin piece of wire and cut 10 cm off. Piece the bulb of the flower.IMG_8387Step seven: Cut the stem off where it reaches the bulb. Be sure not to cut the bulb off, as it needs that to survive. Fun fact: the rose can survive without the stem, and only needs the actual bulb to live!

IMG_8389Step eight: Twist the wires down into a stem-like shape.

IMG_8392Step nine: Tightly wrap the parafilm around the twisted wire so that it is fully covered.

IMG_8402Step ten: Twist the wired stem into the wreath. You can play around with where you like to put the flowers, and add extra detail on one side, as opposed to the other. It is yours, own it.

IMG_8431Fin: And Voila! Your beautiful, all real and all fresh floral crown is done, and it is your very own signature piece!

IMG_8434You can keep the wreath for upto ten days! If you are planning on wearing it to the races and in a hot summer’s environment, the best way to combat that is to keep it in the fridge and spray it with water every few hours before wearing it out.

IMG_8440A big thank you to @wilde.flora for work shopping this stunning rose head piece! Head to Wilde Flora now & book your own personal floral head crown workshop! (Psst. it includes champaign, nibbles & a delicate experience!)

Now that we’ve got your head piece sorted, you need the perfect outfit to really bloom! Check out our favourite races styles below.

MURA_151014_09A8430   MURA_151014_09A8395

Here our girls are twinning in their gorgeous leopard print Style Stalker labels. Jodi on the left is wearing the Ocelot Romper, and Kristina is wearing the Ocelot Shorts and Twilight Top for a striking combo.
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MURA_151014_09A8129   MURA_151014_09A8141

Turning heads in May The Label – these elegant & sophisticated pieces are ideal for a summers races day. On the right Kristina is wearing the Yelle Dress, coupled with simple heels and a loose hair do. Meanwhile, Jodi on the left is flaunting the Mortez Playsuit with our Odessa Hat.

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MURA_151014_09A8381   MURA_151014_09A8846

If this isn’t the perfect LBD range, then we give up. Sporting the stylish & sleek Laura Dress on the left, and our gorgeous strapless LBD on the right, coming online Friday the 23rd!

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MURA_151014_09A8316   MURA_151014_09A8261
lorals & khaki, two of this seasons must have’s – as flaunted by our girl Kristina! If you’re a sucker for khaki, try our Wild Fire Dress, or if you just can’t go past a vibrant floral try our Sunsets Dress.

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Happy raceseason ladies
Love & luck x x x