Mura Friendship Goals

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She’s that one girl you turn to for everything. She’s there when you need her and if you don’t see each other, the distance never comes between you. She motivates you and challenges you, and reminds you that sisterhood is more important than any other relationship that may have let you down in the past.

blog_04 (1)With her, you can joke around until your stomach hurts, and it’s never long before you both find yourselves in the most bizarre situation. Aside from all the curveballs that come your way, at the end of the day your bond is stronger than anything else and you’ve got each other’s backs no matter what.
She is your best friend after all.

It seems #friendshipgoals has taken a recent spike in interest lately… and we are loving it! So this week we are all about celebrating our best friends. The trend, promoted by our one and only T swift girl gang, has sparked an interest at Mura HQ and in honour of that we thought why not put together a little best friend DIY care package.

blog_01What doesn’t scream fun like a gooey, fresh and colourful experiment with your BFF’s painting on avocado, oat and honey face masks while flicking through ‘The Notebook’ and munching on chocolate. This week’s DIY is so simple, you’ll have no excuse but to round up the girls for a Friday night in, and get mashing!

IMG_3997So here’s what you’ll need to make the mix. The goodies cost no more than $10, although the fresher the avocado the better… after all you will be mushing it into your face. The thicker the rolled oats the better , that way you can exfoiliate the skin thoroughly and really get under the skin cells! Lastly, if you can get organic honey we recommend it, because less preservatives are always better.blog_02

These steps are so simple! It took us no more than 3 minutes to mix all the ingredients together. More time to spend watching Ryan Gosling’s longing eyes and imagine he is confessing his love to you (and not Ms McAdams… although let’s be real, she is the queen #realfriendshipgoals).blog_04

And viola, even though you now like you may have a cray skin disease, you’ll be the last one laughing with skin so good, Ryan would rewrite his 365 letters and address them to you. blog_06

And while your having a girls night in, check out some of our favourite twinsie outfits for you and your bestie!

MURA_151014_09A6987Here the girls are rocking the Between the Lines shift – a staple classic that cannot go wrong for a day out learning how to skate. Jodi wears the black and Kristina in the white colour!

MURA_151014_09A7254Our two gorgeous besties are boho’ing it up in their matching Boho dreams crop! Jodi has opted for the matching Boho dreams skirt, and Kristina is rocking the Elina tan tassel skirt. This look is gorgeous for a fun frenzy where you and your friends follow your noses and see where the adventure unfolds.


Mornings are made for fruit and best friends and what better way to spend your mornings than in our favourite simple yet colourful basic, the Laylana crop! Here Kristina is playing around in the light blue, and Jodi is matching her watermelon with the pink!

Spend your summer sharing ice creams and frolicking about with your bestie in beautiful coral colours. Jodi is rocking the peach Bel Air playsuit and Kristina is flaunting it in the Pina Colada playsuit!

When we think of #bestfriendgoals, we think of double dinking on the bikes, making the most of the outdoors and having fun wherever you go. Here Kristina is leading the way in the Maldives playsuit, and Jodi is hanging on in the Ocean Daze.



Hitting the town in style – and who wouldn’t double take at this doubly beautifully pair! These striking outfits by MAY the label are absolutely stunning for any occasion where you and your bestie are looking to turn it up a notch. Jodi is sporting the Chase dress (MAY the label) and Kristina rocks Something Good shorts.


Love & luck to you and your bestie!
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