How To: Beautiful Brows


As a wise man once said (coughjackblackcough), “never underestimate the power of the eyebrow”.

If we consider our eyes the windows to the soul, then our eyebrows would be the frames, holding everything together, keeping the view clear & beautiful. So whether yours are bushy & brooding or structured & slim, every gal needs a little help every now & then to keep them on fleek.

Ever lusted over Cara Delevingne ‘s bold brows or Kylie J’s sassily swept angles? Ever tried to recreate these looks and found yourself looking as though you’ve attached two brown caterpillars to your face? Don’t worry, you’re not alone: brow-nixety is a real thing, people. If you’d told us in 2005 that we’d care so much about what our eyebrows looked like, we’d have laughed in your face & tottered off with our hot pink razor phones & Paul Frank mini-bags (these were dark times, people).

Not exactly a connoisseur of the art ourselves, we called in the expert: Caity Massyn (@caitymassyn) . Caity amazed us with her ability to create a beautiful, natural brow & then completed the look with a beautiful sun-kissed spring look; a big thanks to Molly our Customer Care-Bear for helping out with this look!

Check out the video below for more

unnamed1. Eyebrow groomer (shop here)

2. An angled brush (shop here)

3. Clear brow gel (shop here)

4. Wax pencil (shop here)

5. Brow shadow kit (shop here)

  1. Caity brushes the brows up with the Ardel Brush, so that she can easily see any gaps within the brows that will need filling.
  2. Next, she places a light layer of the Ardell Wax Pencil over the brow so that the colour has something to stick to.
  3. Then, she used the angle side of the brush to gently draw small strokes of colour along the bottom of the brow to get the shape. She used the the medium colour on the palette to do this, concentrating the colour to the middle part of the brow.
  4. She then used the darker shade at the very end of the brow, still doing short strokes. The idea is that you are filling in little hairs. The lightest colour is very soft so she used it in an upwards motion to fill in the beginning part of the brow.
  5. She then set using the brow gel. She brushed it through and coated each hair before moving them into place. This gives the brow texture and keep them in place all day.
  6. Lastly, she used the highlighter softly along the brow bone. This lifts the brow a little more.



Needless to say, our gal Molly was getting compliments left right & centre all day long (even if it was only from us #wurkinthe9to5).

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial & comment below if you’d like to see more!

Love & luck,


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