Spring Ready Shopaholics

Spring fever is kicking in and our floral tastebuds are yearning for a new wardrobe. Spring style is all about making the most of the warm balmy weather that is (luckily) not hot enough yet to send us in summer swoons. Maxi skirts and bright tops are the staple spring pieces, and we’re especially loving all things pastel, midi and of course FLORAL. (Yes Miranda, they are still groundbreaking according to the NYFW street style).

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Speaking of which, as most of you already know (unless you’ve, you know, deleted your social media accounts and moved to Uluru or something) the fashion is forming as we speak during the annual New York Fashion Week in Soho NY. We’re seeing a lot of mid waisted culottes, off-the-shoulder chambray, and a fresh range of fringe fever! And with another year of trends ahead of us, its about time to start preparing our budgets and making room in the closet for some new shopping! (Did someone say shopaholic?)


But we like to think of seasonal shopping as an investment; a free hand to the economy. Plus, it’s true what they say: nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy! So in light of the newest trends beginning to trickle down from the fashion capitals, we thought we would pick our favourite styles for you this week… because every shopaholic needs a good stylist!

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We’re loving all things fresh, flowing and floral. Trends are leaning on pastel colours to support the summery vibes, and we’re vibing all the soft pinks and blues! With the current influence of 70’s belle bottom and fringe, we’re seeing a lot of inspired styles through maxi dresses and floral jumpsuits. Check out our stylist picks of the week, featuring our friendly face Brooke Hogan! (We love you Bee!)

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Combining our Santorini inspirations with a touch of 70s boho, this playsuit is the perfect Spring playsuit to take frolicking on the sandy shorelines. Shop the About a Girl playsuit here!
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This jumpsuit has Spring style written all over it! With the 70’s belle bottom influence taking over the scene as of late, this number is covering all trends! This is a must-have Spring purchase. Shop the Float Away jumpsuit here!


Spring is best for wearing loosely fitted outfits that aren’t going to stick from the Summer’s heat. We’re loving this set for Spring time because of its cool crisp pastel colours. Not to mention, who doesn’t love the benefits of a set? Throw a white blouse on top of the skirt or pair the crop with a pair of high waisted shorties for three looks for the price of one! Shop the Bahamas crop here and there Bahamas skirt here!

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Spot the Spring sweetheart! This crochet embroidered playsuit is the perfect option for an afternoon picnic, or a balmy night out, paired with nude heels and a mysterious smile. NYFW has reinforced that outfits in head-to-toe  are here to stay (yay!). Shop the Lulu Playsuit here.


This gorgeous number screams afternoon festivities with its soft pastel florals and loosely fitting hemlines ideal for any occasion. Dress it up with a bold pink lipstick, or keep it casual like our Brookey here, pairing it with a tan fedora and nude accessories. Shop the Melrose Dress here!

And if you’re still hunting for more inspiration, check out our favourite inspired spring styles from the streets of NYFW. Because everyone knows the real magic happens sidelining the runway.

NYFW Street Style!

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Check out our Spring shopaholic pinterest mood board here!

We hope you find love & luck this spring, x x x