The Perfect Picnic


Nothing beats an afternoon picnic watching the sun drape over the horizon, with your favourite Sunday playlist on and your loved ones gathered around you. Picnics are the perfect way to wind down and wine up in style. And who doesn’t love a cute picnic Insta (Say brie cheese)!


There are two types of picnic dates we can all count on – the friends bash, or the date with bae. On each of these occasions, we thought we’d put together a few outfit choices that would be perfect for the setting.

Picnic with the girls

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Festive, comfortable and easy to style – these cute sunday picnic outfits are the colourful wardrobe pieces you must have moving into the warmer months! Style with all things tan & boho for the perfect sunday sesh with the girls!

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Picnics with bae

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Wanna really wow him? Well you’ll do just that in these adorable rompers! While still looking casual and cute, these outfits will grab his attention and steal his heart all at once (I mean, they do say red is the colour of love, right?)

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So now we’ve got your outfit sorted, lets talk picnic spread! The best way to make the most of an afternoon in the park is to jam pack your basket with as many nibbles, drinks and extra goodies as possible! Who ever said less is more clearly never tried tapas!

The picnic spread is the most important part to the picnic (well, second to your outfit of course!) so we’ve put together a few picnic-must-packs that we know will fill your bellies and keep the smiles all round.

blog_03And while your packing your basket, why not surprise your picnic pals with a thoughtful touch and pack your own delicious homemade dip (Look out domestic goddess)!

It is super simple, and only takes 5 minutes of prep time! Check out the steps to making your own delicious hommus dip below.


And voila! You can now claim to have not only put together an ingenious basket, but you’ve even home made the best bit!

And if you’re umm-ing & ahh-ing about the perfect playlist (“Is Beyonce picnic appropriate?” The answer to that question is yes, Beyonce is appropriate in any situation) then have a browse through our suggestions below!


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Happy snacking, ladies!

Love & Luck x x x