Sunday Feeling

Introducing Sunday Feeling; a gentle escape into a woman’s world on a Sunday morning.


 All week she yearns for the Sunday morning where she’ll throw her white lace kimono over a delicate lace bralet and bathe under the morning sunlight. She sips from her cup of tea in one hand, and devours the life lessons of Jane Austen in the other.

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To her, a perfect day begins with beautiful thoughts, the fragrance of fresh flowers lingering on a soft breeze and a great cup of coffee. She revels in her own company & enjoys it best on a Sunday morning.

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As she daydreams, she resonates to the words in her novel; Dream of a love, that even time will lay down & be still (Persuasions,  J. Austen).

Her hair, an effortless tumble from last night’s curls, drapes around her soft, inquisitive eyes as she scribbles sudoku digits into the small squares in her lap.

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She craves the feeling of crisp fresh linen against her skin, and won’t leave her bed until the sound of the Sunday paper hits her letter-box. She’s well read and curious; you’ll never beat her at a history quiz.

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She adores her early mornings, when the rest of the world’s still fast asleep. For in that moment it’s just her and the sunrise.

Watch the magic unfold …

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