BTS of Sunday Feeling

If you didn’t already know, the debut of our Mura Boutique x Style Stalker lingerie look book is just 48 hours away! In celebration of this exciting fact, we wanted to give all our Mura girls a sneak peak into the magic behind this masterpiece.

We believe every girl deserves to feel beautiful, and we want to make this possible through the delicate beauty of our latest intimates collection. These exquisite Style Stalker pieces are for girls who lust for a scalloped hemline against the skin, and appreciate the beauty that lies within simplicity. “Sunday feeling” is for girls who spend their mornings nestled between comforting mountains of books & teas, while bathing beneath the morning sunshine. We think Sundays should be spent indulging in late breakfasts, fuzzy socks & beautiful lingerie – and so we brought this story to life through the tellings of our look book.


About the process

Once we heard Style Stalker was releasing an exclusive intimates range, we knew we had to get our hands on it! And sure enough when it arrived, it was positively breathtaking. Knowing straight away that we had to show all our Mura girls just how beautiful it was, we immediately began planning for the look book.

 The process behind the look book involved a lot of collaborative circulation amongst our visionary team. Our director, Asako (@asako_nakamura1), conceptualised the idea and brainstormed how to make it as beautiful as it deserved to be. This involved a lot of creative brainstorming and a healthy does of Pinterest pondering (as we like to call it). Once the direction was clear, we had a meeting with our stylist (@ashleighkelly), photographer (@bonniecee), & graphic designer (@sophievanderdrift). Having so many creatives in one team allows for a lot room to expand our ideas and build on the original direction to achieve an even more spectacular result!

Once the vision was clear, the date was set; suddenly it was time to turn our dreams into actions. This involved a lot of location scouting, model hunting and prop buying. After a short week which consisted of a lot of mood boarding and copious amounts of coffee, we were ready to shoot. When the big day finally arrived, it was all hands on deck. Call time was at 7am, which left just enough time for hair & makeup and a bit of BTS snap chatting (what’s beauty without someone to share it with? SnapChat: mura_boutique). Once the shooting began, things moved quickly. A big team in a small venue made for a cozy experience, but one that we wouldn’t trade for all the lattes in the world.

Who’s that girl?

The question of everyone’s lips: who does that divine face belong to? Well, this dreamy goddess is none other than the etherial wonder that is Roxanne Horner; born and raised in Essex, England.


Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 3.42.26 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-31 at 3.41.14 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 3.41.28 PM

Our girl Roxy has travelled the world, met all our favourite IT girls &  James Deans’, and worked with globally prestigious photographers. So when we saw she’d touched down on Australian soil, we practically jumped at the opportunity to work with her. In true Mura tradition we sat down with her for our Mura Q&A, and chatted about everything from growing up a ‘Brit’ to where she draws her inspiration from. Check out how she answered on our Mura Q&A below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 4.07.30 PM


Love the look? Join the club! At the moment, we are totally crushing on the soft dewy visage that is currently taking over the beauty scene. We were inspired by this look to bring alive our dreamy look with soft eyes and glowing skin. Highlighting, contouring and soft, pink, kissable lips were the perfect makeup essentials to complete the look – plus some feathered brows and orange to brown shadows.  The genius behind the artistry of this look is our hair & makeup artist Penny (@pennyantuar).

nikki_08We just love the effortless look of a Sunday morning in bed, and these dreamy moments below were those which shaped our look book.

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Though we know fairytales usually end with a glass slipper, in this case ours ends with beautiful lace lingerie, because every self-respecting sunday girl know that unlike glass, lingerie is delicate in all the right ways.

Stay tuned, just 48 hours to go!

Love & Luck x x x