Sunday … Meet me at the market

The bright sunshine is warming your cheeks, you’ve got a freshly squeezed smoothie in one hand, and a warm-out-of-the-oven french danish in the other – It’s the perfect Sunday morning. When Sunday’s were made, they were made for the markets; finding fresh flowers, eating only the best breakfast, and making adventures. Now isn’t that truth!blog market content 2

This week at Mura HQ, we’re vibing all things Sunday markets. It’s all about soft prints, pastel denims, patterned textures and loosely fitted sets. No matter where you are, there’s always a great local weekend market for you to devour. Here are a couple of our Australian faves…

blog market content 4

And if there’s one celebrity who has perfected the Sunday morning market look, it is the one and only Vanessa Hudgens! Big hats, floral prints and a bright big smile is her signature look, and we are just loving it!

If you want to get Vanessa’s look, we would suggest investing in some basic nude flats, a wide brim hat for you to hide the morning mane, and some boho inspired jewellery to tie it all together.

blog market content 1

Click here to assist you in making the most of your weekend adventures, we’ve put together a page full of colourful bohemian outfits that will make your market style all the better. Look out Vanessa!

Here’s what our girls in HQ think about a weekend at the market!

Asako: I love going to the market to pick a big bag of organic deliciousness. I always wear light loose comfortable clothing and squeeze in a big hearty breakfast while I’m there.

Holly: My weekend market regime is more therapeutic than anything. I like to pick up a loaf of bread, some fresh flowers and smell all the delicious cheeses (It’s guilt free when your buying, am I right?)

Sophie: I try to make it to the markets every week. Northey street markets in Windsor/Brisbane are my favourite! Fresh produce is always so much better than regular grocery shopping!

Jasmine: To me the markets is my weekend social life. I would much prefer to pick up a box of greenery, a cup of coffee and see some good friends than a big night out.

Kerry: When I go to the markets I like to see a clairvoyant – they’re fantastic! People might laugh, but it’s nice to see what the universe has in store for me. I am a regular!

Paige: To me a morning market session is the best start to the weekend. Fresh faced and rejuvenated, I always go hunting for the best local hand made clothes, organic produce and a great big green smoothie!

Molly: I’m one of those people who wishes they went to the markets more often, but I’m just always too comfy and stuck to my pillow fort! (Hehe… guilty!)

Nikki: My house mates and I like to ride our dutch bikes to all types of markets around the city, and we make a full day adventure out of it! A morning at the markets with great coffee, vibrant sunday attire and anything with avocado, always leaves me with an ear-to-ear smile!


Fresh local produce not only awakens the morning senses, but its also the best thing you can put into your body. We suggest going to the markets as often as possible (at least 1 / week) to pick up some weekly goodies that will make your body look and feel great all week long!

…And we’ve suggested a simple healthy fruit salad bowl for you to whip up in seconds!
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So how about this Sunday? I’ll meet you at the markets…

Love & Luck x x x