Learn from the barefoot wanderers

If you follow the barefoot trail, you might find her. Free spirited like the wind in her path, she is the epitome of a bohemian beauty. She lives independently to the world, carefree and destined for happiness. She never stays in one place longer than the moon’s rotation and she never strays from the sandy coastline. Listening only to the wilderness of her intuition, she revels in a freedom most can’t.

It seems we can all learn something from the wilderness in her intuition.

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She might not be rich by your standards, but her perception of ‘rich’ is realer than any other. She doesn’t waste money on overpricesd expensive things just to impress others, she holds value in different currencies. She is rich from a lifetime of chasing her dreams, following her nose, aligning with the wind and running in her own direction. Her only savings are the memories she holds from her life well lived.

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When you’re running late for work and you’re too busy to look around, she has already devoured the beauty passing by. She appreciates the art on the bathroom walls, and acknowledges all the good in every bad. She longs for the warm smell of the rain on a summer afternoon, and she revels in the sunshine as it warms her face; nothing is ever a complaint for her.

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Because happiness is all around her. She knows that the so-called ‘pursuit of happiness’ is usually nothing more than chasing after something that will never exist. She knows that happiness is not a pursuit, but a love of all there is right now.

While we wait for the day for happiness is supposed to wake us from our sleep, she is already enjoying her own. She knows that life is precious and life is short. Blessed; she lives day-to-day, coastline to coastline, and adventure-to-adventure.


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She is a refreshing reminder that honesty doesn’t have to be passive, nor does it have to be feared. She doesn’t hide her reactions or opinions, she doesn’t manipulate others through deception, and she does not pretend. She is who she says she is, and she’s not afraid to admit it.

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With no strings attached, she never stays in one place longer than the moon’s rotation. Rather than waiting for change to happen around her, she makes the change herself. She knows when the tied is leaving, and she’s not afraid to pack up and leave if the current is too strong. Spontaneity is her second name, and she belongs to no man or no city.


If you’re still looking for her, she has a heart like the ocean; fierce, unpredictable but capable of a softness like no other.
All that she leaves behind her is a barefoot trail.

Swept away by sea, she’s impossible to find.

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