Sarah’s Splendour takeover!

Our resident angel Sarah went undercover and pulled out her gumboots for a weekend in the hinterlands of Byron Bay, all the while keeping the girls back at HQ in the loop on all the dirt… (literally). Wide eyed and giddy in anticipation, we let her run the reigns on our ‘mura_boutique’ snap chat and blog. Here’s what she got up to.

509797C5-F51A-406B-AF85-3F7D29EB32B4B9ABFDCC-BB72-44CF-880F-18EBB118D8FBThursday afternoon:

Little did we know, we set up our tent right next to a big puddle of mud. Luckily for us our set up was 100% rain and fool proof. Always better off safe, right. We spent the afternoon having a few drinks and watching others struggle to set up around us in the rain. We humourously offered our help for the stragglers, and made some friends all the while. Day one, everyone was pretty loud and obnoxious, no doubt overwhelmed for what was yet to come…
 B299BCE4-F281-467E-9771-768A7B90B122E7E42657-A42B-4A11-BBF6-76D1D102D047And welcome to the mud…


The sun came out and so did the outfits! Girls put SO much effort in. Huge trends were suede, tassels, embroidery, very clean intricate silver jewellery (dangly earrings, delicate chain belts), and very minimalistic black and white leopard print. We saw San Cisco, the Rubens, Everything Everything, Of monsters and men and Peking duk. They were amazing performances and Peking duk went OFF. Woo! It was a fabulous start to the festival.
I opeted for the Valley Fedora and the Neverland Dress for the opening of the festival!

girls in mura
I found some Mura goddesses along the way, looking effortlessly festive!


Feeling a bit worse for wear I managed to use the free beauty parlour the campsite had on offer. They had dry shampoo, blow dryers, hair straighteners and hair spray! We saw Safia who were great! Then went backstage for Years and Years! They had issues with their instruments so they were a bit late going on, but killed it when they finally played. They gave us backstage passes to the amphitheatre and access to the gold bar (where all the artists drink) for the rest of the weekend!!! We saw Matt and Alex running around and went and watched the wombats and Florence & the machine. And to no surprise, they were FANTASTIC.
I wore the Black Magic skirt today, and I was getting all the skirt-love for it! 


We started our day with food and drink at the gold bar and watched wolf Alice and last dinosaurs from backstage. We pretty much stayed at the amphitheatre all day and watch the vaccines and Jamie T from the mud! We also watched a lot of people struggling up the hill… Hilarious! We ran over to mix up to watch Ms Mr who were my absolute favourite act by far!!! Lizzy the lead is such a good performer and looked so happy to be there. We met her afterwards at the gold bar and she was so lovely and happy to meet us! Then we saw Tame Impala back stage and it was absolutely incredible viewing it from the other side. We were lucky enough to meet Darren from tame impala after the show. *Still recovering from the minor heart attack I endured as a result*…


All in all, Splendour in the Grass was a three day blurry marathon of mud, incredible music, fantastic fashion and a carefree spirit. I’ll be seeing you next year #SITG

Love & Luck, Sarah x x x