DIY Sea Salt Spray

Beautiful beachy locks may look simple, but trust us, they are anything but! If you’ve been gifted with the rare hair genes that allows you to look like a mermaid at all times, well, we all take our hair-hiding-hats off to you… But for the rest of us, sun & salty summers usually means a tangled and tassled mess. So as a sneak peak to our beachy look book being released NEXT WEEK we thought we’d let all our favourite girls in on summer’s number one top tip …


And instead of buying just any, we thought why not make our own.


Just like a breezy day at the beach, this DIY is simple!

You will need:

These are all simple house hold ingredients you might have lying around, and if not you’ll spend no more than $15 at your local grocery store. You can use any type of sea salt and aloe vera gel, although aloe from the plant is always freshest (and we all want fresh smelling hair).



To make, follow these simple steps
 All you need to do is combine the ingredients into a bowl. Stir through the thick texture until it reaches a consistent feeling. Funnel the liquid into a spray bottle, and give it a shake.

IMG_4570You can try using different essential oils and added flavours for a different texture and smell. Citrus based oils and scents are great too! We recommend lemon and orange.

locksWhen using it, make sure your hair is damp.
For best effects, scrunch your hair and spray to form piecey waves. Once your hair dries, you’ll be a walking beach goddess.


And voila, look at your locks now!


IMG_4564Get salty gals x x x