In the spirit of Splendour

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With Splendour right around the corner and the release of our latest beachy/boho inspired look book just weeks away, it seems the theme of bohemia is everywhere. So much so that it sparked a curious interest amongst the girls here at Mura HQ.

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What is it about the gypsy trend that has impacted us all both aesthetically and philosophically? Are we allured by the wilderness in their souls? By the freedom in their style? Living a life off grids, unbound, eccentric and free – our intrigue isn’t a mystery.

5 ways

1. Take risks
Nothing can improve your life like a conscious devotion to braving the unknown. Close your eyes and just follow your heart. If you’re considering taking the risk to pursue your passion, stop considering it and take the risk! After all, bohemians hold the creation of art above all other pursuits. You’ll never look back and regret doing what you love, will you?


    2. Never stop exploring.
Free spirits are inquisitive and adventurous. Look around yourself – look closer. Take the time to notice the ground beneath your feet. Everything around you holds some form of beauty, so if you’re capable of exploring it you should explore every inch.


3. Colour outside the lines.
Free spirits hate rules, they work independently and change their mind a lot. Challenging the authority doesn’t have to mean rebelling, but simply questioning your role in it. Free spirits make mistakes… a lot of mistakes. But that’s okay. Wild things are never scared to do things differently.

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4. Forget fear.
Living in the confines of fear, what can we achieve? Nothing. We’re bound by a fear of moving on, a fear of change, and a fear of failure. It is the one thing that holds us back from reaching our full potential. Think with your heart, and forget about the boundaries you’ve created in your head. Take every chance, and forget every fear.

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5. Dream big.
Free spirits have a reputation for eccentricity, so if you’re after a life like the carefree, add an eccentric flair to your ambitions. Even if its just a short term idea, or it may be a long term goal. Just remember, the ones who are crazy enough to dream they can change the world, are the ones that do!

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And with that in mind, we’ve suggested five inspired looks for your Splendour getaway this year. With a bohemian spirit comes a self expressive style, so use your individuality to inspire your festival packing!

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1. Western influence
The western trend has returned in full throttle this year, with a comeback combination of suede, tassel, and a strong influence in cowboy accessories. Think tan tassel skirts, cowboy boots, leather fedora’s and a bolo to tie it all together.

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2. Never enough jewels
A festival isn’t a festival if it isn’t completely bejazzled in jewellery. This season we’re seeing a surge in jewel belts – an ideal festival accessory.


3. Belle baby
Flared pants, wide arm sleeves – belle bottoms are the ideal festival pieces to pack! Team a belle arm crop with high waisted maxi skirt with some gladiator sandals for the perfect gypsy luxe look.

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4. Layer loads
Tie a jacket around your waist, pair a bold bralette under a sheer top, and team a kimono on top of everything – its time to layer ladies! If there are any rules at festivals, it would be to not abide by any rules. So get creative.

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5. Belts belts belts
Leather & bold cuffed belts are all the rage this festival season. If its one thing Coachella showcased, it’s high waisted statement belts. When picking out your outfits this year, be sure to team it with a statement belt every time.

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Love & Luck to our bohemian goddesses
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