Hand make your own lace lingerie!


There’s something so beautiful about lace, particularly hand made lace lingerie! For some, one of the many perks of being a female is the guilty pleasure we share indulging in beautiful feminine nick- nacks. Although let’s be real, its main appeal lies in their non-wired bodies and comfort provided support. Double win.

At Mura, we are fundamentally aspired to make each of you feel beautiful today and every other day. And to give you one more opportunity to feel as beautiful as you deserve, we thought a guide on how to hand make your own lace bralette would be fitting… in more ways than one.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 12.25.09 PM

IMG_4409 Step 1: Download the below image and cut out the two triangles. This is a standard cup size guide, so feel free to make your shape smaller or bigger accordingly. 


 Step 2. Fold your lace in half and pin the triangles to the lace. 


Step 3. Cut out the shapes and you should be left with four lace triangles. Sewing scissors are always preferable, but not mandatory. BLOG_2

Step 4. Cut out a scalloped trim band for the bodice.BLOG_4

Step 5. Place your triangle pairs together and pin the top edges. Remember to keep them pinned symmetrically.


Step 6. Sew the two triangle edges together to create the cup.BLOG_16

Step 7. Cut enough ribbon to be fitted around your chest, and enough for a bow at the back. This is usually between 70cm to 1 Metre. Then cut two pieces of ribbon to go over each shoulder. This should be about 50 cm each.BLOG_9

Step 8. Pin the shoulder straps to the longer ribbon to build the frame works of your bralette.


Step 9. Sew the edges of each ribbon together to give you the bralette base.

BLOG_14 Step 10. Delicately sew the lace triangle cups to the ribbon.


Step 11. Pin the lace band to the ribbon.
BLOG_32Step 12. 
Sew the panel onto the ribbon.


FIN, you are now a seamstress goddess! Enjoy la fille x x x



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