Study Tips From Mura

Late nights get later, short tempers gets shorter and your coffees get stronger. The top knot’s in, trackies are hanging, and there’s a pen wedged in your hair. When you catch a glimpse of your reflection you barely recognise the girl staring back. But hey, its exam block and everyone knows that anything flies in SWOTVAC.

IMG_4315In spite of all the dramatics, you still manage to leave almost all 13 weeks worth of lectures to the final few days before exams (I mean if you can do a Netflix marathon, you can do lecture ones right?). And even though you’ve got plenty of study motivational quotes ready to drop on insta, you still don’t have those web references for that bibliography due tomorrow. (eeek!)

But we know you’re a go-getter, and you’re not giving up that easy. Because we all know it only takes one person to change your life, and that is YOU. So to help you get across the line, we’ve put our past experiences to good use and thought of a study aid kit for all our studious Mura girls. (I mean we can’t start our study until we help you first, can we? #procrastihelp)


Number 1: Clear your nest
They say a clear desk is a clear mind … and they weren’t lying. Before you do anything, spend five minutes not only neatening your work space but also the area around you. Even just making your bed in the morning can stop your procrastinating eyes from wandering. That way you’ll have no excuse to launch into the cleaning frenzy that we all know is just a subconscious mechanism to avoid actually working.

IMG_4336Number two: Prioritise your well being
And we all know that includes some retail therapy! Am I right? 
It might seem too time consuming to go on your usual morning run or make a healthy & fresh dinner, and instead you opt for the convenient yet unhealthy  (and too much Mi Goreng). But luckily, experience has taught us that the extra time spent on nurturing your well being pays off in the long run! Your body works 10 x more productively and efficiently after some thorough movement and nourishing food.

IMG_4313Number three: Set goals
Realistic ambitions are key when tackling mission impossible. Make yourself a plan, and one that you can stick too. A good example is for every 2 hours study completed give yourself a 15 minute break. Walk around, stretch your body, drink some water, and feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you attempt the next textbook chapter. Like Mandela wisely once said: ‘It always seems impossible until its done’.

IMG_4318Number four: Envision your future!
You’re studying for a reason; building you’re dream future. Even though it seems like a tedious and often irrelevant assignment, it’s a step in the right direction! Don’t lose sight of the big picture by getting distracted with small stuff. Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.
IMG_4328Number five: See ya Cyber!
Are your excuses more important than your dreams? Unlikely. I once put my phone on airplane mode, flung it under the bed, and studied for an entire weekend without any distractions. I studied more in that one weekend than I ever had in an entire semester. So switch it off, hide it somewhere ridiculous, and remember this will all be over within the blink of an eye.

IMAGINE with all your mind, BELIEVE with all your heart, ACHIEVE with all your might.

IMG_4307Now get back to work!
x x x