Warm up with Mulled Wine

  Does mustering the courage to brave a night out in the cold sound like a burden when the temptation of staying nestled in your blanketed fort lingers in the back of your mind? Well the girls here at Mura HQ struggle with this on a weekly basis, so it prompted the need to look for a cure.

And ladies, we have found you the solution…


So warm it sends a flush to your cheeks, and so tasty it will curb your peckish appetite for the rest of the night. It’s the perfect reason to send out a call to all of your lady friends, and enjoy a delicious winter’s night in by the fire – sipping on your very own delicious homemade mulled wine!

At HQ, we tried out this delectable drink for the benefit of all our fellow oenophiles (strictly irrespective of our own curiosity…) and documented the process below.


Method to Mull

Follow this simple and delicious method for the perfect mulled wine result….

  • Combine sliced lemon, lime, orange and caster sugar into a medium sized pot over a medium heat.
  • Slightly bruise the citrus with a wooden spoon to release the juices.
  • Add grated nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and the halved vanilla pod.
  • Add just enough Merlot to cover the sugar.
Allow to simmer until caster sugar is completely dissolved

    The aim is to create a thick vanilla bean & spice infused syrup, to achieve this allow syrup to simmer for 5 minutes on a low heat.

  • Add Merlot once the syrup is beautifully infused with your spices, it’s import to keep the heat on low once the merlot is added.
  • Simmer melot for 5 mintues until its deliciously warm.
  • Don’t simmer the Merlot for too long because this will burn off the alcohol (eek!).

    & Scoop your mulled wine into glasses with a side of ginger bread cookies for the perfect winter treat. Enjoy.

 And thank you to  Jasmine  for this delicious recipe x




mulled wine

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Happy Mulling
x x x