Brooke Hogan

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The one and only Brooke Hogan (otherwise known as B) flew from hometown Melbourne to spend a day making magic with us in the Mura HQ dream house. B was a positive ray of sunshine on our Wednesday morning, despite having started her day before the sun rose, and having to jet-set to London later that same night! (What a trooper!)

6 feet tall and mesmerizingly beautiful, Brooke taught us all things from life on the Peninsular of Melbourne, to how she stays positive and successful in the cyclical industry.

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We sat down and got the cameras rolling for our minute with a model on the mura cam, and squeezed in all the questions we’ve just been dying to ask her. But the stopwatch was counting, and 60 seconds was the limit.

Because it’s just so adorable, we attached Brooke’s drawing below… Look out Picasso.brooke drawing

Brooke’s annotation of Kendall Jenner in a club… The resemblance is uncanny.

In admits drawing Kendall Jenner, and flawlessly rocking our latest collection – we did our weekly pick of the brains Q & A with her…

Q and A brooke-2

And we loved B’s quote so much, we made one to frame for our warehouse wonderland!

Brooke’s quote of the day… brooke 1 copy

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Love & Luck