“You’ve been there with me from my first breath to my first apartment…”

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This Sunday is a time to celebrate motherhood and maternal bonds– we can all admit it’s a deserving cause. Mother’s Day is for flowers & jewellery; gratitude & morning snuggles over a cup of tea. We owe a lot to these women; the ones who saw us through nappies to formal dresses and helped us turn dreams into actions.

So in honour of Mother’s Day the ladies here at Mura would just like to say a big heartfelt thank you. And just incase inspirations sparks, we’ve made a Mother’s Day card for you to download. We may not be able to redecorate our mums’ homes like Ashton Kutcher so generously did, but if you print the attached template and pour out your heart, she’ll love it all the same (it’s still the thought that counts, right?).

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Click here to download card template

Asako, Company Director
Mum, thanks for the pick-me-ups. For all the times I’m feeling down, for all the times I’m feeling tired, homesick, discouraged or lonely; your pick-me-ups keep me going & I’m so grateful. Thanks mum!

Holly, E-commerce Captain
Dear Nessy Noodles (Mum). Firstly, I’m sorry for all the slammed doors & petulant remarks – no one’s immune to teenager-ism– even me! (So you can let Lily know I was knocked off my pedestal a long time ago!) Though I probably wasn’t the easiest to get a long with growing up, I’m glad we’re closer than ever now. You’ve always encouraged me to chase my dreams & I can’t thank you enough for that (Look at me now!). I’ll always cherish our wine nights, you taking my side on fights with my sister (sorry Lilz) and the days you’d turn up at my house with a pile of veggies (with all the cooking training you gave me, groceries are unfortunately still not my strong suit). You’ve been there with me from my first breath to my first apartment & I can’t thank you enough. Plus, if time treats me as well as it did you, then that’s something else I can thank you for! I love you & happy Mother’s Day.

Kerry, Regional Manager & Buyer
Thank you for not getting mad at me when you caught me stealing spoons fills of Milo during my midnight cupboard raiding, or at any hour really… Thank you for always showing up at sports carnivals and for never being a stage mum, means a lot to me. Thank you mum.

Amy, Indooroopilly Manager & Buyer
Mum, you are the woman who helped me find my feet in this fast pace world of never ending pressures and busy cities. And of course, thank you for putting up with me as a teenager. I couldn’t commend you enough.

Eby, Warehouse assistant
Dear Mummy,
The creator and founder of my life, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being my role model. Thank you for being my soldier through thick & thin. Thank you for always trying your best. Thank you for the life lessons, thank you for your endless love. Most of all thank you for the gift of life. Love from your little angel.


Paige, Content Creator
Mum. You’re an independent woman and I’m so inspired by that. I’m blessed to always be able to count on you and have the love and support you provide. Love ya moneypons x

Lucy, Customer Service
You’re the yin to my yang mum, and I can’t thank you enough for putting up with my teenage nonsense. You’ve helped me become a better person. Thank you.

Molly, Customer service
You’re there for me, no matter what. Even when I would text you about little petty nothing-ness things and you’d had the world’s worst day in history. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you. x

Nikki, PR & Media Coordinator
When I think of you, I think of meaningful conversations, spontaneous gifts and an adventurous upbringing. You taught me the beauty in creativity and following the fire that alights my heart. Your natural girl-boss-ness never ceases to inspire me. Sure, we had our years where you would catch me with (ahem) not-so-legit identification or pool jumping with the neighbours, but you never gave up on me. You made me feel intelligent, talented and unique and having that reassurance has always been my drive to succeed. Eventually, after all the mistakes were made and lessons learned, we could bond over human rights, boys or even sentence structures for our uni assignments. We’ve grown so much together and I’m excited to keep growing into our next chapter. Happy Mother’s Day, mum.


So now we’ve got the cards sorted, you just need a gift, and because we have your best interests at heart, we’ve made all of our Maxi and Midi dresses 20% off for the perfect Mother’s day gift.

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Voila, you’re now a Mother’s Day hero!

Love & Luck,

Team MB x x x