To be expected by a Girl on the Go

 You’re running between blocks; Nike’s on from this morning’s Yoga class, and a change of pumps in your tote. Your long black is dripping onto your books, the ones you were up all night studying while flicking through your playlist of TLC and Chaka Khan. Your diary, as thick as a novel, only allows one day for you to laze about in your slouchy pants, and that’s not for another three weeks. You’re a mover & a shaker; an independent woman in your own right. You know the meaning of success but boy, do you know the virtue of hard work.

 You are a Girl on the Go.girl on the gooo

This month, we’re celebrating our Mura Girls who spend their days juggling commitments, and their nights concocting dreams. We know who you are. We see you, and girls, we salute you.

So for those of you who can relate to the never-ending pressures of being on the go, you may also resonate with some of our phrases only a G-O-T-G would say.

1. I told him I can be as high maintenance as I want, thank you. Because no one pays my bills except me.

And amen to that! Your fellow girls-on-the-go here share that same victorious feeling of being rightfully entitled to splurge on that lapel coat you’ve dreamt about or the thrill in saying yeah, throw the eyelid primer in too! Does that stuff even make a difference? We don’t know, and we don’t care!
You’ve worked hard — we know it’s true. Treat yourself, and don’t let anyone make you feel even the slightest inch of remorse.

2. Oh,I packed just the usj’… Quinoa, roasted pumpkin, avo, fetta salad and drizzled it in my homemade honey lemon vinaigrette dressing.

Girl’s-on-the-go may be busy until May (2018) but they always leave time for their health & wellbeing. It’s embedded within their nature, a way of life that must be upheld. We wouldn’t get far without our bodies in good health and we thank our physical capacity everyday by prioritising time and a few extra pennies for a nutritious diet.

3. “Ahhh… finally fashion has answered my prayers and incorporated comfort with style!”
She says while caressing her newest pair of all-rounded kicks –Nike’s.

No girl-on-the-go ever saw a pair of joggers sported with the perfectly crafted city outfit, and thought uhuh, not for meNope, our girls-on-the-go ran to the local gym-wear store and bought the first pair in sight. There’s nothing sneakier than having society believe wearing our cushiony kicks is a style statement. (Pun unintended)

4. I have bootcamp first thing and then work followed by a dinner thing, but I can squeeze in a drink later on?

Making time to get together with a girl-on-the-go can often seem impossible. Fitting in around their never-ending social life, work and other sporadic commitments is like trying to fit in to your bikini after a long winter. But just know, if it is important to them they will make the time. Priorities, right?

5. He offered her the world and she told him she had her own.

She doesn’t need your validation or consolation. She doesn’t need your love, she’s already got enough from herself. The woman who doesn’t require validation can be the most feared individual on earth.



on the go


Love & Luck to all our Girl’s on the Go,

Team MB x x x