Summer Squeeze

Citrus Coastal Crush

Picture this: It’s a hot summers day and the heat is bearing down on you like nobody’s business (like, Sun, why are you so obsessed with me?). All your craving right now is an icy cold, thirst quenching, tongue tingling drink to chase away the summer haze. Well, never fear, it’s Mura to the rescue with our tasty (+ super healthy) new summer squeeze to get you feeling like a summer goddess again in no time! And it’s so easy you’ll be back working on your tan in minutes, gurl.

So now that’s settled, where’s that cute lifeguard gone?


3 x Slices of Grapefruit
2 x Slices of Orange
6-8 x Pineapple Ice Cubes (these should be prepared the day before with freshly blended pineapple pieces)
1 glass of soda water (optional)
Blend all ingredients together to create a refreshing smoothie or just add to chilled soda water to create a refreshing summer punch.
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