Dream Location: Hanworth House

For the past few months we have had the privilege of shooting our New Arrivals at one of Brisbane’s oldest houses, Hanworth House.

Drenched in history and personality, this old girl would have a lot to say if her walls could talk (in saying that, past owners have mentioned eery encounters during their time at Hanworth). Current owner Marisa Vecchio purchased the 19th century-built home in 2012, and has restored its’ original state in memory of her late mother. A place where women from all walks of life can associate themselves with, and call their own. A bubbly hub, it was once labelled as a “home for impecunious Genlewomen”, a safe haven and a warm shoulder to lean on.

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The house makes a beautiful backdrop for our photos and we love working with all the friendly faces at Hanworth House, always making us feel right at home. “More than a place to stay” Hanworth House offers short and long term accommodation for women as well as being an amazing space for weddings and events. After an unfortunate fire that left a lot of the property damaged, the women at Hanworth have been busy getting it back up and running and it’s now open for business!

You can even check out their blog to keep updated with their adventures and news about the house www.hanworthhouse.blogspot.com.au/

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Owner of Mura Boutique Asako with Hanworth House owner Marisa