5 Things We Must Do More Of..

1. Going for a walk
Sounds simple, yes. But it’s funny how many people do not do it enough! We often make lame excuses like “Oh but I’m tired” and procrastinate and just say “I’ll go tomorrow” and tomorrow never comes..

Sounds simple, yes. But it’s funny how many people do not do it enough! We often make lame excuses like “Oh but I’m tired” and procrastinate and just say “I’ll go tomorrow” and tomorrow never comes..

So here’s what we suggest:
– Go with a girlfriend and turn it into a mini social catch up sesh
– Go with your partner
– Take your dog with you (surprisingly, they can be quite motivating)
– Go with a family member

And on your walk, don’t dawdle or wander. Keep the pace fast to get your heart-rate up, keep your arms moving and walk for at least 30-45 minutes. The key to burning fat is to engage in an excersise at a steady pace for a long duration. So 45 minutes of power walking is much for effective than 10 minutes of jogging!

2. Drink more water
I know, I know you’ve probably been told this a ba-gillion times! But rather than just considering the health benefits of it, have you thought about the beauty aspects of staying hydrated?
My best friend’s little sister has the most incredibly soft, flawless, dewy skin I have ever seen.. WITHOUT MAKEUP! Her secret? H2O.

So here are some beauty benefits to drinking more water:
– Radiant and gorgeous complexion by toning the skin & flushing out toxins
– Shinier, softer and glossier hair
– Clearer, splarklier & whiter eyes
– Better circulation to prevent wrinkles and visible veins
– Weightloss (snacking is often times caused by thirst, so rather than going for a snack next time you feel hungry, try drinking some water instead and you should feel full!)

And hey, if Miranda Kerr says we should drink 2 litres of water a day, we should do it right?

3. Join a workout class
The idea of getting fit is great, but getting the motivation to actually do it can be tough, especially when you do it alone..

So here’s what we suggest:
– Rather than just going to the gym, sign up to a class! Start at a level you’re comfortable with and you can always work yourself up.
– Join a pilates class. They sound girlie & more for mediation, but it is intense workout!
– Try boxing. Yep, sounds hardcore. But actually, it’s really fun & a great stress-relief.

There’s plenty of different classes and exercises you can try, but the first step is to just sign up! And if you don’t want to do it by yourself, get a friend, partner, family member or work collegue to join up with you. Trust me, it’s SO much fun & super motivating. The trainer really pushes you but most of the time you can go at your own pace. Having that someone to push you really helps to get your motivation level UP!

4. Plan more holidays

Too good to be true right? WRONG. Did you know that humans are motivated by the two P’s? Pain & Pleasure. But the true power comes from working towards something pleasureable. And nothing brings us more pleasure than holidays.

Rather than just floating through life doing the same thing week to week with nothing to look forward to, why not have a REASON to work hard for and have something to look forward to? Almost like your own reward for getting the workload completed. Because in order to be able to take that holiday, you’re most definitely going to have to get your workload DONE. So book those amazing trips & book it EARLY so that you can get approval from your boss quickly & have plenty more things to plan into your yearly calendar.

So here’s what we suggest:
– Get a calendar that shows your entire year
– Mark in all your fun and personal commitments e.g Holidays, Hang outs with your girlfriends, Date nights etc.
– Now mark in all your key work dates e.g Meetings, Deadlines etc

This way, you have a clear view of all the year’s most important dates both personal and work wise. You’ll be amazed by how much more motivated and harder you work toward your deadlines by constantly being reminded of your exciting up coming trip that’s booked and ready!

4. Positive thinking
No, we are not crazy preachers getting you to be positive every second of your life. But we do believe that life is what you say it is.

Why do you think there are people in life who continuously complain and suffer from “bad” things that happen to them and those who are always happy? Positive thinking, of course. Those who are negative sees all things negatively. Those who are positive will always put some form of positive perspective on the things that happen to them.

Through the power of positive thinking, so-called “bad” things are no longer viewed as negative, but instead are seen as lessons. Or better yet, “challenges” that can be overcome! If we can simply switch our way of thinking, life becomes a happier, prettier & better place. Rather than being angry and dwelling on a negative situation, think about the positives that came out of it! What did you learn from it? What will you do differently next time? THESE are the positives of a challenging situation. This way, you walk away a better, wiser & happier person.

Here’s a few questions by Anthony Robbins that you should ask yourself:
– When something disrupts your life (like a car accident, health issue or a job loss) do you tend to think this is the end or the beginning?
– When someone confonts you, do you think their insulting you, coaching you or caring for you?
– Does a devastating problem mean that you are being punished or challenged?

Life is the meaning you give it, so why not make it a positive one? After all, life is short so let’s make it a good one!

So why not take the leap and add these things into your list of MUST DO for 2015? Remember, life is what we say it is. And if we say these things are “should do” that’s when we start to make excuses NOT to do it. So change that “should” into a “must” and maybe it’ll begin to shift your thinking pattern. Good luck gals!

Love & Luck


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