The perfect look for Christmas Day, Christmas Parties & NYE

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Christmas Day, Christmas Parties & NYE is the three biggest events noted on every gals calendar. But the biggest girl problem is, WHAT TO WEAR!!!!! We have THAT many dresses hanging in the cupboard, yet, come that Christmas event, and suddenly, you have NOTHING to wear. And sometimes, we just need a little inspo to get us through this festive season and look oh-so-fabulous. So heres THREE looks we’ve compiled for you to get through those three major events for 2014 and finish the year with a BANG!

1. Christmas Day

In Australia, Christmas is during our Summer season. It’s hot, humid, sweaty and sticky. So looking good whilst stuffing our faces can be a lot trickier than those enjoying white Christmases. The best clothing option is to go for something loose (can’t be worrying your food belly while enjoying your Christmas feast), comfortable and light. We think our Moana Playsuit would be the perfect attire to get you through Christmas day. It’s a fun and vibrant print, uber comfy and a loose fit so you’ll be looking fab while feeling completely comfortable.

Don’t go for a heavy makeup look with over-styled hair for Christmas. You want something natural and simple to keep you looking fresh throughout the entire day. So go for something like a tinted moisturiser as your base and a nice amount of bronzer to give you that Summer glow. Adding highlighter on your cheekbones will give you that extra shimmer and definition when the beautiful sun hits your face. Don’t bother with a lip colour, otherwise you’ll be reapplying it every two seconds! So just opt for a lip balm with a tint or just go natural! It’s also important to keep your hair out of your face so try a messy fishtail braid to finish off the look. Plus, it’ll keep you nice and cool during the day.


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2. Christmas Party (Night Event)

This is the one time of the year when wearing red is totally the norm. And we, at Mura, believe it’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed for an event. So if you have a special Christmas party your attending, opt for our incredible Iridessa Maxi in red! This dress has an unlined lace top, which is a look that’s totally in at the moment. Go for a red strapless bra or a nude strapless bra to go with the dress. But if you’re not comfortable in just doing a bra underneath, we recommend a red singlet or red tube top to go under it.

Because the dress is main part, we don’t need to go over the top with the hair and makeup. We just want it to complement the dress. Go for a winged eyeliner look with a nude lip and a good countering of your cheeks. This will ensure that your eyes don’t get lost in the dramatic dress but doesn’t make you look overdone. With your hair, keep it simple yet chic. Try the Khloe Kardashian look by straightening your hair and slicking it back with a bit of hair mousse. You’ll be turning heads ALL night long.


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3. New Years Eve

This is the time to really glam up and celebrate the coming of 2015. We’ve got to look celebration-appropriate and be ready to impress. So we highly recommend our ridiculously hot midi dress, Crossroads Midi Dress from Stylestalker. It’s hot with just enough class to keep you from looking trashy cause no one likes a drunk trashy gal walking around the venue. But now that you’ve found the perfect outfit, it’s JUST as important to get your makeup and hair looking right for the night. Remember, NYE is a night of celebration so we want our entire look to be just right.

Eyes HAVE to be dramatic. Go for golds, silver, sparkles and shimmer for the lids. Something that’ll make your eyes pop, but always opt for the neutral tones. Nothing screams more fancy-dress than sparkly coloured eyeshadow. So please, stay away from pinks, greens, purples and blues! Be sure to go for a smokey-eye look with this dress by contouring your crease with a charcoal, dark brown or black eyeshadow and blend blend blend! Finish it off with lining your eyes, not-too-dramatic falsies and a plum or nude lips. Contouring and highlighting is a MUST for NYE.

We’re going to offer you two options for your hair: voluminous, messy, wavy and sexy OR sleek, chic high pony. They will both work for this look so it’s up to you. If you feel more confident with your hair down with plenty of volumising mousse and a few waves for that sexy bed-head finish, that’ll look super hot. But if you want to show off the back of the dress and feel just as confident with your hair up, a sleek pony will give you a bit of an edge. It’s all about feeling confident, so either will look amaze!


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Don’t forget that the most important look to own is confidence. A girl who feels confident in her outfit is going to look x 100 better than a girl who’s just putting on a facade. So don’t be afraid to put your own personal touch to make these outfits “you”. Because it’s never just about how you look, but it’s more about how you feel. So try out these looks for your Christmas & NYE outfit plans and get through the silly season looking beautiful and fabulous Mura gals!

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Love & Luck