Mura Christmas Wishlist

10 Outfits to Survive Christmas Parties

I bet you’re already getting a little flustered thinking about all the outfits you’re going to need to plan for all the Christmas Parties you’re invited to this year. And the thing is, Christmas outfits don’t come cheap. But do not fear, we at Mura have shortlisted 10 perfect outfits to get you through all the parties you’ll be attending without having to spend hundreds of dollars! So here is our top 10 selection of Dresses, Playsuits & Maxi Dresses..

1. Poppy Dress in red $65
poppy red dress

2. Betsy Playsuit in red $59

3. Glimmer Maxi Dress $95

4. Nova Maxi Dress $79

5. Iridessa Maxi Dress $95

6. Rhythm Dress by Stylestalker $169

7. Iridessa Maxi Dress in red $95

8. Saskia Maxi Dress $79

9. Indigo Dress in white $79

10. Lady Luck Dress $85

You don’t need to buy a new outfit for all the different parties you’ll be attending. It’s just about purchasing one or two GREAT outfits and styling it differently to give it a slight change. Whether it’s how you accessories, do your makeup or do you hair, styling the same outfit differently can give it a whole new look. Good luck ladies!

Love & Luck