New Year’s Resolutions… Are they even worth it?


So here we are. December. Literally the last month of the year. Where has time passed, you say? Well if we could answer that we wouldn’t be sitting here scratching our heads thinking “less than 30 days to achieve something” or perhaps “what was my resolution for the year, again?”. So again – here we are, contemplating whether or not New Year’s resolutions are even worth it?!

It happens every year, you and your GF’s devise a plan on how this coming year is going to be the best yet. The best year for boys, the best year for your career, the best year to be the best year! So riddle us this.. How many years have been the best yet, so far? Have you achieved all you had planned to? Probably not, but is it really all that bad? Not at all. We seem to be a generation of highly stressed and extremely up tight individuals who somehow have this thought in our minds that we have “sooooo mucchhhhh pressureeeee on us”. Yeah school/work/finding your one true love can be hectic, but it doesn’t help that you have high expectations (on occasion, unrealistic) of yourself.

The only one that cares if you don’t lose that 5kgs by Dec 31st is YOU! Legit. No one else cares, because well – they have their own failed resolutions to worry about, ya know!? In saying that – there’s nothing wrong with setting goals, but make sure they’re attainable. Here at Mura HQ we have decided to come up with resolutions that are positive and can be attained within the first few days! Join in, stress less and feel accomplished that you have ticked off something on that long bucket list of yours!



Janet: To learn a new Spanish phrase every week.
Holly: To learn how to cook more dishes.
Kayla: To drink two litres of water everyday.
Shanelle: To read a book, cover to cover.
Darcie: To stretch everyday.
Kerry: To say “I love you” to someone everyday. 
Eppie: To not press the snooze button in the morning.
Asako: To have one positive thought every morning.
Bj: To eat an apple a day.

We hope this festive season brings you inspiring thoughts for the coming year, and that you are brave enough to lessen the pressure on yourselves.

Love & Luck,

Team MB x